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ÏUÉAT OFFER! A BEAUTIFUL CRAYON PORTRAIT Of Yoarself or of a Friend, ia a Beautiful Frame, 22 x 30, T0 REGISTER SUBSCRIBERS, ONLY $2.25. Just the Thing For a Present ! These Portraits are made by 011e of tlie best known and most reliable art establishments ia the country aad are wonderfully fiue pictures for the price. They are good enough for anybody. Ilenoe, nothing better could be selected for A CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Nothing would be moro pleasant than to surprise sorae friend or relative witli one of these magnificent crayon portraits, either of yoarself or of the oiu to whom the present .is to be made. Cali at the office of And see samples of the portraita and frames. Cali at once if you want one of these pictures as this spt c i al rate holds good ■ I Only a Short Time. After a little the price will be doubled. At th-e rate quoted above pictures will be sold. Only to Register Subscribers, Either new or old, who have paid a year in advance. All pictures f rom vvhich portraits are made carefully preserved and returned. -There fs not a partiële of danger of loss of the original. Guarantee to Subscribers. The Portraits are the work of first-class artists. They are fully three-quarter life size and as natural and finely finish, ed as portraits sold for $15. The work is not inferior because it is cheap. It is truly a work of art. Each portrait is execut. ed by hand and will not fade. JParties Will be Notified Upon Arrival of rortia it. Send in Your Order at Once. IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME TO MAKE THE PORTRAIT. lti oríer to secure irst-elaas work it will take frora twoto four weeks to deliver portraite; therefore do not delay plaebg your sub scriptjbn and order with as. Do nui let this opportanity pass animproved. You my nverhave another as good. Remember that the entraace to Tuk Bkgisteb Office is from 4th-ave. at the Xorth-west corner of the Hamilton Bleek. bh


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