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Rebellion In Salvador

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A special from Sonsonate, Salvador, states that during the past two weeks thereMhas been rioting. The rioters nurabered more than 300 men, mostly discharged soldiers who served under Ezeta. The government has sent "()0 men to move against them. They retreated towards the coast and awaitecl attack, being constantly reinforeed, until they numbered over (Í00 men. The government troops had been promised pay, but tinding themselves unpaid, and in want oi the necessaries of life, they alsobegan rioting. Their officers succeeded in forcing them to fig-ht the rebels, whom they drove away, with losses on both sides. It is claimed the rebels lost 02 killed, and the government 37, besides many injured. The next day 200 soldiers joined the rebels anil they made an sault and captured the city, but later were driven off by reinforcements from Santa Anna. Rebels lost over half their number. The government troops followed up their advaDtage and killed many and shovved no quarter. Nineteen rebel officers were caught and shot without a trial. San Francisco: (ien. Antonio Ezeta, deposed president of Salvador again announces his determination to return to Salvador and depose President Uuiterrez, and assume control of the country. He expects to enter the city of San Salvador in tiiumph. The soldiery will desert the standard of Guiterrez and the n'eree tribes and halfbreeds and Indians under Gen. Rivas are expected to flock to Ezeta's aid.


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