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C. A. R. Capture Louisville

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The Grand Army of the Republichas invadetl soutbem soil again and captured the city of Louisville, Ky. Tliis city of the state noted for its pretty woraen, fine horsea and whisky did everything in ita power to niake it pleasant for the boys in blue, and it is needless to say that the famed southern hospitality wa fnlly exemplified. The first formal feature of the big gathering of the Naval Veterans' parade with a bout 10.0Ü0 men in line. This association elected otticers as follows: Kear admiral. Samuel Aman, of New York; commodore, E. C. Farquhar. Zanesville,ü. ; captain, Geo. Fritschner, Louisville: cominander, W. (í. Ferguson, of Philadelphia; lieutenant commander, E. D. Bliss, Urooklvn: senior lieutenant, J. B. Hray, Rockford, UI.; junior lieutenant, Jas. Stanley. New York: fleet surgeon. Thos. (. Henry, Cincinnati; pa3'master, E. F. Duston, Providence, K. I. ; fleet engineer, G. L. Seavy, Chicago; judge advocate general, Chas. Cawley, Chicago: chaplain, Rev A. S. MeWiliiams, Detroit The Woraen's Relief Corps tendered a reception to Commander-in-Chief I.awler and staff whieh was the social event of the encampment. Orea 10,000 people passed through the Galt house parlors. Of course the big event of the encampment was the parade of veterans, and it was a big parade too, at least 50,000 old soldiers being in line. The city was most elaborately decorated and over 300,000 spectators crowded the streets upon which the processiun was to pass. It was rather a touching scène to behold, this long line of "Yankees" parading through a southern city amidst tremendouscheers and applavse from the erstwhile "Johnnies.'' The veterans showed the weight of years and the eft'ects of service while inarching. It was the general remark that there were never so many old, lame and feeble men in line, bút they proudlv kept step and "tramped, tramped, tramped'' justas if they were still the boys "Marching Through Georgia. " Grand Army veterans and their friends to the number of 4,000 attended the grand camp fire at Music hall the same evening. Hon. Henry Watterson, editor of the Louisville CourierJournal then made the welcome address in behalf of thecitizens, to which Commander-in-chief Lawler responded. Several other campfires were also held. The business sessions of the encampment were full of interest, but the most interesting portions were the election o ofticers and chosing the place for the next encampment. There were several very pretty ir.eidents at the opening - the welcoming speech by Hon. Henry Watterson, the presentation of a magnificent silvev tea service to Past Commander-in-Chief Palmer, and the presentation of gavel made of gold, silver and copper, and studded with diamonds, rubies and sapphires to Commander-in-Chief Lawler by the Montana department. The reports of the various officers showed a total net loss in membership of 13,91(5 for the year ending June 30. 1805. The number of deaths for the year were 7,368, and there is now a membership of 357,639. The receipts for the year from all sources were $33,427; expenditures 930,489; balance on hand 913,333. Buffalo, Denver. Baltimore, St. Paal, and Xashville worked for the encampment in 1896, and St. Paul won. The election of ofticers resulted: Commander-in-chief. Ivan A. Walker, of Indianapolis; senior vice commander. Gen. E. EL Hobson.of Kentucky. junior vice coramander, C. E. Cosgrove, of VLlshington. The reports of the officers of the Women's Relief Corps showed a membership of 110,774, a gaiu of 35,696 for the year. The amount expended was 8188,320 of which 8114,050 was for relief. A session of the Ladies' Circle of the G. A. R. , another auxilliary to the veterans" organization, was also held and reports made showing an increase in membership.


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