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the. ibast parí of Kentucky's farming (CosifSrgr f r i i cents a pound. It is the '!BaËLi wK tke silver question that tfions TSie price of the lambs that the fjünnor has-tosell.- The Louisville, Ky. "Commercial. The Register desires especially to invibaevery reader of this paper to atHsndthe county fair next week. The presence of a large nuniber of people is one of the great elemente of success in 3. fair. Everything else has been pre-oided to inake this year's fair a success. 3iow let the people come out and a ■íp'endid fair is assured. The "best evidence of the stability of the Republie of Hawaii is furnished by the pardon of the deposed Queen and of the smaller fry that lately swaggered as peJeis. The act is conclusive as to Lhe belief of the government in the permineace of the republie, and of its reiüanoe upan the atïectionate support of ik edseated and moral part of the people. Had events gone otherwise sequences vwsiiia have gone otherwise. The half'oanharaas Queen would have grantod ma Oeaeral amnesty had she been vicItorions over the patriotio revolutionists. Thri amnesty grantod by the republic is i noble conclusión of a noble work. Hawaii haa papsed bloodtessly from a rsemi-barbarous monarchy to a republic %iacd upon religión and learning. Thtirearc few more spiend id passages Sb histary than those that recorded the ;aeis of the Havvaiian revolutionists and few more disgraccful than those titaU record the unsuccessful intrigues of Pi-osident Cleveland tor the restoroition of the unclean despotism of the íZ&atkas.- ínter Ocoan. Tij raa u pieased to ee the -tion of botter postal taciUt-ita for bigma taken up by the state banker's -jesoelation. The U. S. Postal authoriJiave for many years rather ideilracked this state in the matter of eastcrn rniils, always givin special attenéion ia tlie equiptnent for the fchrough iauils between the Kast and Chicago, mi the points reached (rom Chicago. Wcaw glad to see so iniluenthil a body ati the Michigan bankers taking the matter ia hand. The following from The Detroit Journal upon this subject wil be of interest: The movement inaugurated by the -tate baokers, and heartily supp'ortod Tiy the peopie of this state, looking to 4hereaiii:a.üon of better mail service in Detroit and all through Michigan, ■■ebt to be pushed with all vigor posaïble. "The resolutions asking Postmaster Oenral Wilson to giva his personal attoation to the protest against the rank áiscriniúiation aginst Michigan in this anter are timely and right to the tpaint. There is no good reason why .Michigan and Detroit should not be troated as fairly as Illinois and Chicago. AU Michigan asks is a fair show with the rest and there will be a fight if she annet got it. "ttb strange enough that past aptx:als U the postoffice department for decent service huve been made in vain ■when the outrageous discrimination -gaiost Michüjan is wholly the fault uf t.he department. "It i iü be hoped aow that the matter is to be presentad in due form and with a popular backing behind it to _ywpei at least some sort of recogniTlioo, that the postolüce department, by sirdor f Postmaster General Wilson, wüt mak haste to give to Detroit and Jichigan the equal rights they are enSiUod to. "With the bankers' association's proeetandappeal before them, and with uch men as Hon. Don M. Dickinson and Hon. Peter White actively and sartiestly pressing the matter, the postrtiSfX authorities at Washington ought ■Mt to lose any time in coming to the conclusión that gross injustico has Iteea done to Michigan. And when fcey shall arrive at that conclusión we okall expect them to cease discriminatiaz against us." The feomc market for American farmers oxists whorever there is a factorv r iti omployment which depends in any ■wiy apon raanufacturing. The marvel f Anaericau industry ha3 boen the diversifiL'ation of indnstry generally durn? the last third of acentury- partiou■ teward and in the West. Take. t'or oixtTijste, the piodigious manufacurÍHg ttKlutítcie.s of Illinois, not to speaif f Indiana and Ohio. ManufacSísKicsViKÍiwtry has likewise, although a iitóáe Í-Atet-, been developed in the .thevn SlatCí, 0Í the Mississippi River vast. manufacturing interesta lui w :i developed with unprecedented ■ïi.ty- down to the time when the fctenMwatie Jjarty two yearg ago took todbt of the gOFernment under pledge tarevolutionize iudusti-y to the basis of Tacritf op Free-Trade." - The .Sioux City, lowa Journal.


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