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YOÜ LACK STRENGTH Weak Nerves, Tired, Exhusted Bodies. THE COMPLAINT OF THOÜSANDS ÜP ON THOÜSANDS. Health and Strength are Within Your Grasp. DH. .iLi:i m:-n m;k i ie v ?■ aki IOII STHONG AND WEII4. It lx Tlie Great Renttoratlve of Nerve and Body. The world is filled with people who while not exactly sick, yet lack strenth They are weak, tired, languid and nervous, especially at this season of the year, and have lost their old-time vigor and energy, and go about their work in a listless manner, without ambition and feeling dull and dispirited. In this connection we publish the cure of Mrs. B. B. Graves, of Middle field, Mass., in the lady's own words: "I have been a great sufferer during all that time. I was fearfully nervous and could got but little sleep. I was constantly worrying about something My head ached nearly all the time so that I could hardly endure it. My stomach was in a terrible condition and I couM eat but very little. I suffer cd awfully from the little food I did eat "I was frightfully weak and exhausted all the time, and could do almcst no work at all. I was troubled with rheu matism. I was in a fearfull cidition from all these complaints, and thouffh I nevcr should get well. I took medi MRS. B. B. GRAVES. cines and employed doctors but got no netter. "Finally I began the use of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve i-emecty, and ïmmediately there was an improvement. I gainod rapidly in hcalth and strength, and everyone of my troubles soon left me. I was entirely cured of them all by that wonderful medicine, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. There is no other medicine in the world that will do what that will. I advise everybody to use it." Use it - it will make you strong and well- give you back your snap, energy and atnbition to work. It is not a patent medicine, but the resoription of the most sucoeasful iving specialist in curing nervous and chronic diseases, Dr. Greene, of 35 West 14th Bt, New York City. He has he largest practice in the world, and his grand medical discovery is the reult of his vast experience. The great reputación of Dr. Greene is a guarantee that his medicine will cure, and the fact that he can be consultad by anyone at any time, free of charge, personally or by letter, gives absolute assurance of the benefioial action of medicine. Kat Du ring Hot Weather Dr. Mn ril u's K) "I Breaklaat Food, H l'l.n, the Palate. A phosphate nerve and brain invigorating food without the heating properies of oatraeal, otc, requring the life and strength of many pounds of ehoice wheat to obtain one packaije. Well eople like it, and the sick can eat it whon nothing else will agree with hem. Savos labor, time and fuel. Drink . Martin 's Nervino Coffee. For sale by Stimson, State Street. 26 Georye H. Kelly sells Wond.


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