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ofe Saved His Life - ' - by a fortúnate dis- -_ covery in the nick of x-v, time. Hundreds of &C ( tt persons suffering (yVfcjHL trom consumption H have had the proVul gress of the disease - Ji3w3 HL stopped, and have 4s3K H been brought back to Mr-;Ê B üfe and health by the HL "Golden Medical HPHJHJDiscovery " of Dr. " Pierce. Yearé ago Dr. R. V. Pierce, now chief Consulting physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute of Buffalo, N. Y., recognizing the fact that consumption was essentially a germ disease, and that a remedy which would drive the germs and their poisons from the blood wquld cure consumption, at last found a medicine which cured ga per cent. of all cases, if taken in the earlier stages of the disease. The tissues of the lungs being irritated by the germs and poisons in the blood circulating through them, the germs find lodgment there, and the lungs begin to break down. Soon the general health begins to fail, and the person feels languid, weak, faint, drowsy and confused. This is the time to take Dr. Pierce 's Golden Medical Discovery; it drives the germ and poisons from the blood, and has a soothing effect upon the dry cough. In cases of bronchitis the "Discovery" is invaluable. "Golden Medical Discovery" increases the amount and quality of the blood, thus invigorating and fortifyingthe system against disease and builds up wholesome flesh and strength aftcr wasting diseases, as fevers pneumonía, gTip and other debilitating affeetions. yÊÊ. jno. M. Hite, of MêBuÊ&l says : "I took a severe S VV cold which settled ooray I -mÊ &&% If lunes and chest, and I 9 JS3 Md3 C. suflfered intensely with O 1f ' H' it. I tried several of Vl jfc il ourbest physicians here PWP KJ and thcy gave up all tffts ƒ hopes of my recover', jhp ƒ ana thought I would jíkjt Á. have to die. I would Ml 'WMfc lmfcf cough and spit blood 1m ll IfJ forfiours.andlwaspaie m jtsN"" ' andweak. Iwasgreatly e!iférK$f discouraged when I be9'7jr T gan the use of the ' Dist jj. HrTB, E3Q. covery,' but I soon got better It has been five years since I took it and have had no return of that trouble since. "


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