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Edlted by Mw. A. E. Van Valkenburg. Press Superintendent. This afternoon, at three o'elock, there will be a special meeting of the Woman'sChristtan Temperance Union in the parlors of the Presbyterian church. A full attendance is desiredMrs. Lucy Parker will give a history of the department of "Scientific Temporance Instruetion" of which she is president, and Miss Otis of the University Vis will give a five minute talk on the relation of the W.Y. C. T. U. to the W. C. T. U. There will be no meeting of the W. C. T. U. next week on account of the air. The society will have a lunch tand on the fair ground, under the charge of a comtnittee, at which a good unch may be obtained for a very small um of money. A large amount of temperance literatura will be disributed. Any farmer or farmer's wife who deires a copy of the "Fair Number" of the "Union Signal'' can obtain one by asking for it at the W. C. T. U. stand. They are exceptionally ine and one should find its way into every farmer's home in the county. National W. C. T. U. Convention. The annual meeting of the National W. C. T. U. will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, October 18 to 23, 1895. The superintendent of the "Evangelistic" department gives the following cali. In veivv of the custom to hold a day conseeration and prayer previous to the convention, I hereby cali upon all local unions to set apart Thurday, Oct. 3rd, for this purpose.1 The recent convention of the World's W. C. T. U. in London, with three bundred delegates from every part of the vvorld, has filled us with thanksgiving, increased our sense of personal responsibility in our great work, and a realization of our dependence upon God. Henee, let us as individuals, and as unions, draw near to Him for a fresh endowment of power. Alcoholic Hebedity. In addition to the well-known effects of alcoholic heredity, some new veiws of heredity of most startling signifieance have been recently accepted by these making the matter a special study. Dr. T. D. Corthers, says: Many drinking ancestors send down to the nèxt generation an unstable state of brain and nervous system, or, more accurately, a brain power that is dependent on the surroundings, lacking in independent vigor and assertive f orce. As a result the child is an inebríate from the contagión of surroundings, or 11 aun t ■. 1 1 n i xu une ouviClV (Jl LLlio Ciilí". He is always a victim of his surroundings. He may be a genins of a high order, but he is crippled by a He is the . creature of eonditions, and moulded by them absolutely. The saloon and drinking companion are poisonous germs. Such persons need protection, and some one to lean on during Ufe. They often upear in positions of great intluence, and are always dependent on some one. An eastern clergyman of eminence, vvho carne from an aleoholic family, was guided absolutely in all things by his wife. After her death he fell into disgrace and died a wreek. A most excellent lady who made a reputation in the literary world, lost her husband, and died a few years after, a miserable ruin, the victim of bad surroundings. She carne from an aleoholic ancestry and was an illustration of this class. An aleoholic ancestry does not always mean aleoholic descendants, but it does mean degeneration, with brain and nerve defect, less vitality, less power of endurance,. diminished longevity, and all forms of complex brain and nerve diseases. The close association of the drink disease with insanity, paralysis, heait disease, consumption, and many forms of panperism and criminality, suggesís some startling facts, While the drink disease may cause all these conditions or diseases, they altérnate one with the other, as both cause and effect, and they may all date from alcohelie ancestry.


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