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Lillian Lewis In Cleopatra

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To-nightat the Grand Opera House illian Lewis will appear in the famous drama, "Cleoptm. " The.announcement of the production of Cleopatra by Miss Lillian Lewis is the most important [of dramatic event. A characteristic novelity in this productioci is the Egyptian barefoot ballet introduced for the diversion of the queen. The corps de ballet dance in the Egyptian style or Persian medaillons. The dance is a chara íteristic Egyptian ballet in bare f eet and'historically correct, for such was the cosiom of the royal dancers in the time of Dleopatra. The danseuses are young, beautiful and graeeful and the coryphees were taught by Augustus Sohlke, i master-de Ballet who himself danced in Alexandria and Cairo. The ballet is danced under silk awnings held by attendants: 'these awnings are provided with curtains whicb at certain times unfurl and cover the dancers so that the bare limbs and feet alone are seen. This ballet is of the most sensational nature, and Miss Lewis bought the sole rights to its production in this country. The speetacular effects which Miss han Lewis has introduced into hor production of Cleopatra have popularized that drama Public sentiment regarding a play is best estímate by the box office receipts and Miss Lewis has drawn more money this season than 75 percents. of the big operatic, speotacular or dramatic attractions on the road. In Cleopatra Miss Lewis has Cleopatra's Barge under full sail, choruses, ballets, panoramic veiws of the battles between Antony and Ceasar, the famous storm scène, orientally rich and voluptuous costomes, immense tableaux vivant, which have created a sensation, all the scenery used in the play, lti calcium lights and a host of handsome women. It is giving a produetion which, above everything else. delights the eye and she herself plays Cleopatra with such artistic grace, that it is not too to say, that the part has never been more skilfully rendered. She is both sweet and winsome in the rendition, and at the same time reaches the grandness of the part in its truest light. In her rendition of Cleopatra, Lillian has öutstripped her predecessors. The eompany includes tëdmund Collier as Mark Antony - the best exponent of that characteran American stage.


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