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The Owen Electric-belt And Appliance Co.

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O-TJARAlXrTEE the owen electric belts and appliances insure to the sick these 6reat points of advantage over all imitators Tl'" Klrrtrlc fnrlhl ÈmMÈStSSSBËwÊiZ: -.sW it,-, , n can be changad "■' "1 í! mffllilíoalilzí lronj positivo to negativa al'ly Telt altlion-li -'nGËB IH WIHII'R WÊ BtSr curreut in a moment. " iiiS l„ ll."jWWPCPBi!Í Theybave añilare curiom scnsiiive TheBSWlVv 7ffliS vdffl in8 thousands of cases tfensth of the curront isKJwV? n i i PMïM of Rlien ma t im, "der iho complete con V VjÍ4 VK ' 1 llr"ni" "'■ }"Mcbs,ntiatacmridrmav ll-!mh"WÍM'ÍiÍilQÍlBM nients _ in man and the 8eaa'e1 and cure1 by 1lflP&-!::i"í'UáfflSHÍJF W?tn fön"11 "continu NO MEDICINES ARE NECESSARY. &nd AAvofd a11 cheap (ao-called) Electric Belts aud fraudulent imitations of onr Electric BeltB APpl.aucoB, as these arean imposition, apon the suffering. „y1'!! diiEX ELECTRIC TRUSS ta the most retentlve and curativa TroBB ul3 'or the radical cure of Ruptura. Gsrmíncl08e Bl cents and eend for our Largre Illnstrated CatalOKne in English, i?' ?wedsh and Norwegian languages containing medical facta, sworn statementa ol made and descriptions of Belts and Appliancee. Addrosa 805 to 211 State Street,


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