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The international races between the American yacht Defender and the British yacht Valkyrie III, the prelim inaries of which have kept the lover of the sport on the tip-toe of excite ment and interest formany weeks, has pi oven a g-reat flunk on the part of the British challenger. Lord Dunraven The first race was sailed over a course 15 miles to sea from the coast of New Jersey and return and was won by the American boat by 8 minutes and 49 seconds. In the second race Defender was crippled by the Valkyrie II swinging her boom so as to break a back stay and spreader on her opponent, whieh resulted in the topmast becomiñg so weakened as not to be able to bear the upper canvas. This occurred at the very start, yet the crippled American carne in but 40 seconds behind the Uritisher on a triangular course of 10 miles' on each leg. The Defender protested the race and the committee declared her the winner on a foul. At the third race Lord Dunraven's boat went across the starting line and then withdrew from the course, the reason given being that the excursión boats crowded too close to the course, nothwithstanding the fact that the nearest boat was half a mile distant. The Defender continued on the course, making the 30 miles in 4 hours, 44 minutes and 12 seconds. This made three races won by the American yacht and insured the American cup remaining with us. While all lovers of sport and fair play regret the miserable ending of what prt mised to be the greatest contest ever krown, yet all are pleased at the Defei.der's success. Lord Dunraven's boyisii actions and ill-temper Irt severely condernned. Will Usnnven Dure Accept This. New York specials say that in view of Lord Dumaven"s kicking on the course and regulationsof the American cup races the Atlantic Yacht club cOntemplates trying to arrange a race or a series, between the Defender and the Valkyrie III for a special cup to cost 82,000. The members of the club will wager from $.",000 to 820,000 that the cup will be won by the Defender. They will allow Dun raven to arrange the details, onlv that the course .shall be ir waters beuveen Sandy Hook and Marblehead and the datebe within the limit of Oet. 1. Gen. Chas. H. Taylor, of Boston, has telegraphed that as the races for the American cup had such an unsatisfactory termination, he will give S.",000 for a trophy to be contested for by the Defender and the Valkyrie off of Marblehead. Lord Dunraven ivould make no satisfactory reply to these offers, but Mr. Iselin, of the Defender syndicate, said, "I will race the Defender anywhere, at any time and for anything." The en tire business portion of Pierceton, Ind., was destroyed by fire. The loss will be heavy. The Jacksonville. Fla., board oi trade adopted resolutions declaring1 tliat the time has come for the United States to recognize the Cuban revolutionists as belligerents, and requesting the Florida senators and representatives touse every means to bringabout sueh recofjnition upon the asseinbliug1 of congress.


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