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Dun's says: A slight setbaek. which may mean much or nothing, according to the final outcome of the crup.4. is not unexpected at thia season. IÍ the government erop reporta were correct the situation would not be ancouraglng. Hm not much contldence ia placed in the rtsduced estímate of corn. none at all in the estímate of wheat and even the most enthuslastio bulls do not think it worth while to quote the government report as to cotton. The tact Is we are bezinning to market not far from 4,830.U 0,000 bushels of corn, though only about 00,OOU.OOJ busheis will be moved from the counties where it has grown: about 4) .000. KtO bushels oí wheat, of which the farmer. are unwely holding back a large proportion; aml about ?,2W,0O0 bales of cotton. Prices have settled back during the past week notwithstanding the glouuiy agricultural department report. The wheat erop Is evidently lurger than the department has estimated and is coming forward with more encouraging rapidity. The farmers have undoubtedly been keepintr back wheat under aa agreement among themselves, but it does not seem a prontable operation for them. The price declined sharply wlth little Indication of recovery. The price of corn has also yielded with a strong prospect of the largest erop ever grown. and a large proportion of the erop wtll be of little protit to the farmers. The largest output of pig iron ever kuown Is apparently supported by a reduction in stocks unsold. The market for tlmshed product is a little weaker, with indications of hesitation on the part of buyers. although prices are on the whole fairly maintained. The rapid shipmeiits of Marquetteore during the past week have some intiuence upon prices of Uessemer prodiiets. Cotton good.s have been slronar wlth a comparatively good market Tor raw cotton. but at the close a decline is mdicated, beoause the market for raw cotlon has shown much w eakness. Sales of wool have been but little more thun half that of the same week of 189Ü, and &er6 were ïndicationfl that the domestic murit'i La quite overioaded by the speeulative purchases made some time ano. News has boen received of terrible earthqu&kes u Honduras, Central America, which continued for nearly :.'4 boura. The city of Vetapan suffered raost scverely. but maiiy small villages were almost destroyed. Mountains about Yetapan barst open and enormoiis sheets of Mame shot into the air. Scores of people were killed by rocks and many were, enffolfed in molten lava Shock followed shock until the buüding-i rocked as thoug-h they were in a huge eradle. The killed as far as found in the first search nnmbered 380. The property loss will almost reach il,üüu,OOO. It is calculiited that over !,800 cattle were killed


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