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1WANTT0TELLY0Ü Why Tour Back is Lame- Tf hy it Aches and Pains, and Hoir to Cnre it. Do you know what it is to have a back that is never free from aches and constant pain, a lame back, a sore back, an aching back, in fact, a back that makes your life a burden? What have you done for it? And does it still keep you from the happiness that perfect health brings to all? We know full well if such is your condition a cure for it will be a blessing you no doufct desire. Piasters won't do it, but may assist in bringing strength. Liniment won't do it ; for, while it may give temporary relief, it does not reach the cause. The cause, there's the point ; there's where to make the attack. Most backaches come from disordered kidneys, therefore you must correct their action if you would be cured. Read the following from D. D. Cook, whose address is No. 18 Michigan Street, Grand Rapids. He says: - "I have used Doan's Kidney Pilis and wish to say it is a truly great medicine. Tliirty years ago I had nervous prostration while in the army, where I served for over four years. I think it was during tliis service that the seeds were sown which have caused all my trouble. Severe bilious attacks bothered me, and at such times my kidneys were worse. It is almost impossible to describe the pain which so often lamed me. I have been so lame that to stand up after I had been sitting down required a great exertion. Walking was at times an impossibility, even at night I did not rest, being forced to get up during the night. I heard of Doan's Kidney Pilis and woudered if they could make an almost lame man well. I got some, and soon after taking them began to feel their good effect9. I used them for some time, my lameness all left me and I have not feit it since. Doan's Kidney Pilis havo done me an inestimable amount of good." For sale by all dealers, priee 50 cents. Mailed by Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for tlieU. S. Remcinbertheuame, Doan's, and take no other. é JUST RECEIVED! .1 S' " f '.oice of I TOOTH I BRUSHES The are of Oood ualitij and cheap. Fully Warrtinted to I stand the wear and tear They are Beatities to look at, too. I B. & M. DRUG STORE, a 1,000,000 People Wear IWLDottglasSaoesl hand L "OO ƒ- BEsr SEWED "Ci-LJ IN THE PRO CESS. McLZJ WORLD. $5.00 jTX $3.00 $4.00 jfJ $2.50 $3.50 1 } $2.00 $2.50 }L% $1.T5 $2.25 fáAp For Boys For Men'_PBB__. and YOütÖS Wcar W. !■ DogilM stiocs and it from I.OO tó 3.OU pair. All Sljl.- and Wldthii ThQ ndvance in leather haa increused the rrice of other makes, bat the quaüty and pritos of W. lMilit hoe rrmaln the kjiiiip. Takenoiubstuute: fpethat name anti pricc is stam [Wd on sole. W. 1. Jounl, ükockiun. Mass. Sold by WA IIIIMIUII. CESPÖOLS - AND - WATER CLOSETS CLEANEJ). Cess-ffools -- cents per cubic foot. ( Üoseta .; cents per eubio foot, or by the job. w JUis. datiffaction Outurenteed. JACOB BEX, HeMveen W. t'. Deput :mil KI ver. BlCURES WtitHt ALL ELüeTaILS. íí KJ Best CuuKh üyrup. Tatttes Gord. l'ae B tn time. SoM by druKK'fits gf 'fiROSSMAN&flCHLENKER __ 5J0UES ÉANO Best ir) tl?e UOFfCD OVER ONE 5T0VES HARDWARE. 10 West Liberty Street. THE HETROPOLITAN LIVERY EVKRYTM1NG PEKFECrLY MC VV. PROMPT ATTENTION TO ALL ORDERS. Wftfe COUPES, HACKS, MHTl CARRIAGES BRAND NEW ■ ■■■ and il reasonable rates. Horses boarded and well cared for. ttlLL OPEN SEPT. Ist. Rememberthe place and time of opening. EORGE'S LITEKV, Phone. 14:;. Cor. HUI ad r. l niv. Ave. BICYLE REPAIRING NEW SHOP FINE T00LS SKILLEO WORKMEN PRICES MODERATE All Kinds of Machine Work ! Electrical Apparatus, Süroical, Dkntal and ScienTiFrc Instruments MADE - OR - REPAIRED Lawn Mowers Sharpened and Repaired. Dies and Moulds. A. HUNTER, P'W: 9 E. LIBERTY ST. LET THE OOGS DO THE BARKING. You won't have to, if you'll keep a package of Sibley and Holmwood's Cougti Drops Hantff. A 3 ounce package for 5 Cents. You can get them at A. E. MUMMERY'S Drug Store. WASHINGTON BLOCK. TRUCK AND STORAGE PARCEL DELIVERY. C. E. GOVFRET. Residence and Office, 48 Fourth-Ave., North. TELEFHONE 82. GASOLINE TRACTION ENGINE OPERATED FOR ONE-HALF THE EXPENSE OF STEAM TRACTION. Needs no water hauler, no coal, wood or straw. No steam, smoke, sparks or ashes. No ppssibility of flre or explosión. Needs no Eneineer or Fireman. Started in 5 minutes. Just the t%ing for the Farm. Write for catalogue. We ulso Ijuilcl all sizes f statlonary & rortatole Gasoline Kniclnes. THE VAN DUZEN CAS AND GASOLINE ENGINE CO., CIIMCIIMNATI. O.


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