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11! HUMfllOKB Agalll. J. A. Brown, formerly of the flrm ol Brown & Cady, the popular grocers of State st.. has just opened up a fine new grocery store at the corner of E. Washlngton-st. and S. Pifth-ave. Mr. Brown is in his native element only when he is buying and selling fine groceries. He invites all of his old friends and customers to give him a cali at his new place of business As everybody knows that Mr. Brown never keeps anythiiijj but the very best and sells as low as the highest grade of goods can be sold for. Mr. Brown has gone into the business this time to stay. Cali and see him. 82 Proposals for Parking. Sealed bids will be received at the office of the City Clerk until 12 M Sept. 28 1895 for coping the south line of the park in the center of South University Ave. the bids to be by the rod and to include one foot of sod along the same. The city to do all filling to grade 84 Glen V. Mills City Clerk. , . ! ' i Want common can j gttthem at any drug Hor, but ■ not every store keeps the vt-nj 'i, migar ti tugar bvt granai Lated migar coti a little moré ikiii A. suoar and U be.tfer. j satín ■ iritii iirmju. IIV lff j diff érenos in dhtgs. rOUem't ( s U. When yiiiir prescriplion f ír filie il hij ut, y ou qet the very bext of everything taai goes into ( U and it it put fel ihf i n ri li'.l iruij. ' X i-CALKINS' PHARMACY. PUR 25 CENT COLUMN. WA1VTED. W'ANTED- A younn lady who deslres to do a few hnurs work each day for her room and board will find an opportunitv at j a N. State-st. _ (S4) 1FANTKD A FABM-WI11 il vu good TT town propertyand cash dlfferenee? In replylng to thls give full particulars, location prlce, etc G 0. Crane. P.O. Box 101 Ynsllantl. y W Cellars and yards to cleaü Kubbtsh removed. Leave orders with Wm. Action, 22 Pontlac-st. 77tf Vf7AN'l'ED- A young lady attendlng school TT wishes to walttable. or do gome other work requlrlng only part of her time, in paying forboard and room. Good reference furnished. Address E. B. Ann Arbor Register rANTKO-Bids wili be re-eived for 17 rods picket fence, 3 feet liigh with oak poste- ffoodi chance for farmer or surburban ''■SKlV': :,, Stlckney. North-west corner 12 HUÍ strect, 3 FOR SAIK. _ IjlOK SAJUS-Sweet Ooncord G rapes för sillo to basket and ton. .1. Ganzhorn, bead of Sprii'g-st. IjOK SALE--A Rood younv cow and calf 1 for sale. Apply to .1. S. M7mn, Whitmore Lalo road. (84) J7OK KËNtToHEAP-A nine room cot tage 011 Packafd-st. Apply at 68 S. 4thavt!- . m_ FOK SA1.E- GK)d location for wood and . i.''oa WU1 sel1 beap. Wm. Action, 23 l'ontlac-st. 77 F'OR SAfcK-New Safe. Will be sold at a barsatn. Enquire of S. A. Moran, Reirtater Ofhce. ■-$L( ifAKn FOK NA i.K:-The Bullock or tkïint ., faIm' s mile" we8t of Salem station nd U miles (om Ann Arbor, conUining 109 acres house_aud baros, stock and well water in abuudanc Hmber; school and churchwithin a milelauo naturally the best; all seeded down Pricé .ndtermsreasonable. Cali on or addres: Andrew K.Gibon.80 Maynard-st., Ann Arboi, Mich. 4ñtf jOIÏSAI.E VEBY :HÉXp=G3oThoTe l 10 rooms, barn and two city lots on southv nS VÏMe,r' west Huron-st. "d Jewett Ave. No. 9 the late resldeiu-e of Lorenzo M Lvon. Kti.iiiir,. of Daniel Lyon of Dexter or J. Q. A Sessions, Attv. No. 5N. Main street, Ann Arbo_rj 70tf Ij'OR SA1.E-3 miles west of city on De.vr ter road, par ros Kood farm land especially suitable for f ruit farm, 10 acres timber. Bnqnlre of A. B. Lyon on the premiges. TOtf HOl'SES FO SALK OR KENT-KoM 1 statl'usbta nd sold. Fire Insurance ■ 1 hrst-class rompuMii's ( all and consult me betere decid.nK. I blieve 1 can accommodate yn„. Mary L. Hatnilton, room 11, Ham1 1 ion rti oc k . 07t f IOÏ ALK - Mrs. Perkin'F farm south of Ann Arbor, knovrn as the Kellogg farm. Sii acres Bood bearlng peaci orchara, house, ham. rtoclt and well waWr in abnnd;""■'■ -rh "BMn H mlle. Prlce reasonable terms easy , cali on premisea or 44 s. Inirallsst., Aun Arbor. íMtf l'Olt KENT, HOUSKs to kht Several BÖnlü wi.Y, modern improvements, anfurnished rooms foramall families, al reasonSblepricèï SfllonJ-Q-ASesflons, Real Estáte Agent ■!■ v"v, "d Boor, Residence BB E. WUllam-gt, ::ikl A W TCn (iood 11,011 to s,.;l WMIl I LU ur t'lioi.-o and llardy, gery Btock, snco as fruit n-rs, rosshrnbs and ornamentals. Ladies make this business a success Easv work Dleasant. light and profltable. Ontfll Vree. Apply at once, witfi references, and secure of lerritorv. V. . .!1V c pany Knrserymen andBeedsmen, Bochestr,lS v


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