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A Painful Situation

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Cleveland World: There was an exceedingly thrilling scène at Boulevard bathing beach Thursday evening. It was yet daylight, and the weather being cool, many wandered about the beach or lounged on the pavilion, hesitating about taking a dip. There were two persons in the water, a young man and a young lady companion, and of course the watcbers, having nothing else to do, kept them constantly in sight. What a good time those two young people had in the water! They acted as though they were solé proprietors of the whole chain of great lakes and everybody envied them. Suddenly the young man dropped into the water and called to his lady companion. The excitement in the pavilion was intense. Had he been seized with cramps? No, for the young lady, after a brief conference with her submereged male friend, ran to the shore, across the sand as fast as her bebloomered legs could carry her, up the stairs and into her dressing room. The situation became absolutely painful, for only the young man's head could be seen peeping from the wavy depths, and he was evidently waiting But for what? In another moment the young lady tripped down the steps, across the beach and into the water. She carried something bright red in her hands, waded over to the spot where the young man was quietly waiting, and handed it to him. "What was it?" everybody said. The next move was the young lady's sudden disappearance from the billows, and as fast as she could she ran into her dressing room. And the young man, where was he? In two minutes from the time of the girl's disappearance a male figure elegantly attired in a red undershirt cautiously emerged from the water, made a break across the sand, up the airway into the dressing room, was soon lost to view. "Wonder what the trouble - ?" everybody asked, and the . iiuün dropped.


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