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Poor, But Honest

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Last year Bishop Potter went out to Tuxedo to conflrm a class of young people in the new church there. A young matron who had been a member of the congregation of Grace Church while the Bishop was its rector, and had herself been confirmed and married by him, wrote and insisted that he should stop with her during his stay at Tuxedo. He accepted. As a particular honor she adorned his room with an elabórate toilet set of solid silver that included more than a dozen pieces. The Bishop carne, confirmed the candidatea and went away. But the silver toilet set could not be found. It was not on the dressing table nor in the bathroom, and the matron's astonishment as great. Her annoyance was almost as great, and for two days she wondered what could have become of tbe set, and whether the Bishop had supposed it was a present. On the third day she summoned up courage enough to write and ask him if by mistake his man or one of the servants had packed up the silver toilet set with his liiggage, and It had been overlooked in unpacking, etc. The Bishop answered promptly, for the next day she received this telegram: "Am poor, but honest. Look in the table drawer." The yovaqps woman did look, and the toilet set wa? found there. ■


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