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Varieties Of Icing

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The following receipts for frostmg vill furnish sufficient variety to suit rery one. Soft Icing.- Take ten teaspoonfuls of ugar to one egg Beat for ten minutes ogether; flavor to taste. Quick Icing.- Take a heaping teacupul of fine, pulverized sugar, beat the white of one egg until slightly foamng but not frothed. Mix thoroughly with the sugar, and flavor with lemon r vanilla and spread on the cake while warm. Lemon Icing. - Beat the whites of four ggs; v.hip in a pound and a half of powdered sugar, beat smooth; add the uice of a lemon and a few drops of lemon extract; beat twenty minutes; put on the cake in large spoonfuls, and smooth with a knife dipped in cold water. Plain Icing. - Place two eggs on ice for half an hour. Bleak and beat the whites until frothed, then sift in, gradually, half a pound of powdered sugar; beat and add half a teaspoonful of lemon juice, continue beating until the icing is white and stift. Set in a cool place until wanted. Spread on the cake with a warm knife. Boiled Icing. - Dissolve one pint of sugar in three tablespoonfuls of water and boil until brittle. Beat the whites of four eggs, pour over them the boiling sugar and stir; flavor and beat. Spread while warm. Almond Icing. - Take three cups sugar, one pound of almonds, blanched and pounded to a paste, and flavor with extract of rose. Beat the whites of three eggs and stir with the sugar and almonds. Chocolate Icing. - Melt half a pound of grated chocolate over boiling water; add half a pound of powdered sugar and stir until smooth; add a teaspoonful of extract of vanilla. Spread on the cake while warm.


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