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Why Don't Men Propose?

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Why don't the men propose? How many New York women can sympathize witt this wail from across the water! "I wonder how many little tragedies there are scattered about the town at the end of a London season. Do you know, my heart often aches when I notice the pale cheeks and sad eyes oL â– some mother-ridden maidens who have not succeeded in capturing an establishment of their own, in spite of all their aew dresses and gaudy hats, and who, in consequence, are a disappointment to their chaperons. I believe the whole modern system of society life in London is, to say the least of it, most galling and trying to girls. Of cours" there are many brilliant exceptions. But for the average well-born, wellsducated society daughter the present state of the 'marriage market' canhot be said to be satisfactory, and it never will be till the word itself is obsolete in the speecu of mankind."


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