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Not All Killed By Shot

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T'.:e recent war between Japan anc China has taught the offlcers of th American navy at least one new thins in the construction of vessels. Thert will be scarcely any woodwork in thf Oregon, thsrt is rapidly nearing completion at the Union Iron works. This ü due to the fact that there were mon people killed and injured in the nava battles in the oriënt by flylng wooden splinters than by the buliets or exploding shells. Most of the cruisers and battle ships that took part in the wat were constructed with steel hulls, and all of them were more or less protected with heavy armor plates. The interioi fittings and furnishings of the quarters and the deck coverings, however, were of wood. When a shot pierced the huil of a vessel and tore through the wood in the interior of the ship splinters were sent flying in all directions. In most cases the shot passed through the vessel without injuring any of the crew, but the shower of wooden splinters filled .e slik bay and kept the sailmakei owing up the dead in canvas sacks foi burial. On the battleship Oregon practlcally no wood will be used. All the bvlkheads and partitlons divlding the rrnmü in the offlcers' quarters are to be o.' iron. No wood will be used on the dfcckg, but instead linoleum will be eemnted to the iron deck to prevent Blipping. Al! the doors will be of iron. a.iil ai! those loading to the decks will be lü.iue watertight.


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