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Two weeks ago The REGISTER gave the particulars of a rather sudden, and v.hat appearod to be a very romantic raarriage between George Paltridge, of Kalamazoo, and Miss Mai-y Purfield, who for a time was the well-known and popular clerk in Moore & Wetmoore's book store. Faltridge had, sorne years ago, been a-suitor for Miss Purfield's hand and had been accepted. A year ago anovlier man, a highly respected young gentleman by the name of Wier, a senior law, eame upon the scène It was not long before Miss Purfield and Paltridge had a falling out and the former began to receive the attentions of Mr. Weir. Tt was rumored soon after that the prospectivo young attorney had won his first suit and that he and Miss Purfield were affianced. After commencement last June, Mr. Weir, who is said to be a man of considerable means, left for the west to select a location to practice law. It was generaüy believed by the friends of the young eouple that as soon as Mr. Wier could lócate he was to return and claim his bride. Paltridge, who, it seems, had never givèn up the idea of some day winning back his former fiancee, made the most of this opportunity. Two weeks ago he caine bereto see Miss Purfield. The resul t was that they were secretly married the next day at Ypsilanti undor asüumed names. The sensation that followed a few days later when these facts (jecame known has alre.ady been mentioned in these columns. It is general ly supposed that the matter was ended, and that in due time all would be forgiven and that the young people would live happily together. Such did r:ot prove true, however. Last Saturciay, just two weeks after the marriage, the young wife returned toher parents. It soon became known that when she left Kalamazoo it was with the intention of not returning to her husband. This caused another sensation and dame rumor has been spreadinar al! sorts of stoi-ies in explanation of the young lady's unexpected conduct. Both the parties themselves and their friends maintain the most strict silence upon the matter, but there are rumors afloat hinting that the young lady had been hypnotized and that as soon as she eame to fully realize what she had done she at once deserted her husband and lied back to her home. On the other hand, the friends of Mr. Paltridge maintain that there is nothing whatever in such reports and that his actions in the whole matter were blameless. Some of the latter's friends even go further and assert that the rejected lover is not entirely blameless for this state of affairs. that his sudden return to Michigan when he learned that Miss Purfield had married another, and the great interest he manifested in the lady who had rejected him is not just as it should be. Whether or not a reconcillation wül be effected beween the young husband and wife or wbether a divorce suit will follow cannot jet be üefinetely stated.


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