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The follovving from the Kvening News in reference to the new company now in charge of the Toledo road will be of interest to all Ann Arbor people. Durand, Mieh., Sept. 23. - The Ann Arbor Railway Co., the Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan, was organized Saturday at Durand. The directors are Wellington R. Burt, Wm. ('. McClure, Sainaw; A. W. Wright, Alma; E. W. Tolerton, Toledo: George W. Quintard, Kdward Simmons, Robert M. Galloway, R. C. Martin, Cyras J. Lawrence, John Jacob Astor, Robert D.Murray and Benjamin Perkins, New York. All these New York (iirectors are distinguished financeers, Simmons being president of the Pourth National bank, and president of the Panama Canal & Railway Co. and Columbia Steamsbip Co. ; Lawrence, director of the Wabash; and so on. All but Astor and Murry were present. Offlcers have not yet been elected. They went from here to Alma as guests of A. W. Wright, and ieft there Sunday mornins for Frankfort and Ieft Frankfort this morning on Ann Arbor ferry boat No. 2, for Milwaukee. General Manager Ashley is with them. The new company is capitalized at 7,-),000, of which $4,000,000 is preferred stock. The bonded indebtedness will be $7,000.000. Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 23.- The 'ïew name, "Ann Arbor railway,"' is rejeived withgreat favor in this city. The business men smile and say: "(Jood art for Ann Arbor.'' One gentlemen suggested that Toledo was ofsmall Importance. anyway, compared with Ann Arbor.


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