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The Lyceum Committee of the Y. M. C. A. have completed arrangeinents for a course of five entertainments to be given during the coming season. The character of the entertainments shows good judgement in the selection. These lecturas and concerts will be held in the various churches in the city. Delinite announcements as to where each will be held will be given later. The following is the list and the date upon which each is to occur: lst. The Laura Dainty Entertain ment Co., Oct.17. 2nd. Nina Drummond Leavitt. Nov. 23. Srd. Robert J. Burdette Dec. 19. 4th. Dr. J. M. Markley Jan. 16. 5th. The Royal Hand Bell Ringers, Feb. 13. Tickets for this course are now on sale and, no doubt, will be in demand. The boys hope to sell at leastathousand We hope they may. An oíd man by the name of Root is an inmate of the county house. Some weeks ago the oíd man carne to town and complained to a son that he had been terribly misused. Later the young man gave Shankland, the superintendent of the county house, a severe thumping. This resulted in an assault and battery case and may cause an investigation to be made into the treat. ment of the county house inmates.


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