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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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Organizad 186, undrr tlo ienoral Banking lw ol tll State. CAPITAL, $50,000. SURPLUS, $150,000. TOTAL ASSETS, $1,000,000 Budr.esa M , Guardinta, Truttees, L tdies and persona trill find íhü Bank a Safe and Convenient Place to mulce Deposite and do Business, btterert is aUowed ai the rute of PER CEKT. onaUSavings Depóo&s tf $1.00 and upwards, acoertUng to thc rules ot me bank, and interest compounded scmirannwilly, Money to Loan in Sums of $25 to $5,000. Becnred by unii.oumboicd real estáte und other jiood scc.urities. DlliKClOliS: Christin, Mark, W. D. Hnrriman, William 'Dcubel, David Bimey, Daniel Eiscock, W. Ji. Sntithand L. Gtruner. OFFlCETiS: chriMhni iTJtacfc, President; W. D. Ilarriman, Vke-Prcsident; Chai E. Hiacock, Cushur; M. J.Jemz, Asmimu tusnier. REPORISTOF XHE CONDITION OF THE ANN!ARBOR SAVINGS BANK A'. Aun Arbor. Michigan. at the close of business, July Uth, 18K5. RESOURCES. I.IABILITIES. Loan and Discount MM ggÖ4%3 fí?Í! 'l -too... Boud. Mortpne.. 5.,I8!V, 'wdXroiiWloVsCurOvcrdiaft 2.W0 rent -pens.s Interest S" p3aRSÍí.v-::-:: 388 iinii 'Rfcty depoett vau'its f.917 32 PEFOilTS. Other Real' Estáte ■■! W Banks and Bankers 6.030,66 .,.,„, Commercial deposita 1K.S81 tí OAÏ"Msavng Certiflcatea of daposit 9R.919 14 „ _ . . , . Paving depositó 6u9,3 98- 977J51 -" Due from bmiks in reserve " r oities 86,029 65 " DbanLe"OthCrbankS.!n.'i 2M T. UI IUS3.601 04 Chrekf miei cash items.. 88 0!) Nicklesandpennies ?M 93 State of Michigan, County of Washtena", ssi Gold coln 3O.C00 00 , SilTorcoin 1,500 00 I. Ohas. E. HiscocK.Cashierof theabove namec 0 b i d NU nl Bank .,.,.„, .,, Bank. do solemnly svvear that the above stateNotes S'3M " ment „ true. tó the beat of my knowled d belief. CHA8. E. HISCOCK.Cashier. 1,183 691 01 Correct- Atte.t: Cbmstian Macx, W. D. H arriman, L. Oruner, Director. ' Subscribid and sworn to bej'orf me tki ttnd day of Dectmber, 1894. MKJHAEL J. f Bil 2. Fotary Public


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