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B w w ERE ARE POME KEMARKABLE CASES.- The other day % L ia wagon maker, who had been dumb for years, pk'ked up a 3 L■ m hub and spoke: and a blind carpenter reaohed out for his s E p'ane and saw; and a deaf sneep ranchman went out with his dog 2 L and hei'd : and a noseless tishennan caught a barrel of herriní and E smelt: and a forty-ton elephant inserted his trunk into a grate and =3 E flue. 3 I N0 SECRET ABOUT IT ( Thisisan advertisement, and i f you never read ads. better stop now and not read this one. It is written to :3 teil you about the Clitiord Piano. We think you ought 3 to kñow more a bout this instrument. If piano buyers would take half the trouble to find out the ood in our iano that we have taken to make it ?ood, nine out ten 3 E of them would buy it THE CLIFFORD PIANO ( E Ia nade by the ( lifford Piano Co., of whicfa Mr. Clifford Ei v '. hickering is superintendent, and in which some of L the principal stoekholders in our eompany are inter2 eeted. Mr. Chickering studied piano making for over E: twelve years in that famous factory of Chickering & L Sons, of Boston, a part of the time receiving instruí1, tion in scale di-awing and aqoustics, of his cousin, the L late C. Frank Chickering, president of that eompany. WE HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE ] L In the merits of this instrument. It eontains the best s material, is constructed by the best workmen, and has Ej a tone which cannot but please the most cultured mu3 L sician. The price is not high if quality is worth any thing and quality is everything in a piano. Cali and examine it, or write for our booklet about pianos. THE B SOLÉ FACTORS. 2 51 S. MAIN ST. AR BOB, - MICHIGAN. REMEMBER:-We Make the Ana Arbor Organs. iiitiiitiuuitiiiuiitiiiiimuiuiiiiiiiitiimiiiuiiiiiitiuiiiauiiitiiiiiiiiuiiiiuuiii


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