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Headache Destroys Health Kesulting in poor memory, irritability, nervousness and intellectual exhaustion. It induces other forms of disease, such as epllepsy, heart disease, apoplexy.insanity.etc. Dr. Miles' Nervine Cures. Mra. Chas. A. Myers, 201 Hanua St., Fort Wayne, Ind., wrltes üct. 7, 1SD4: "I suffered terribiy with severe iieadnehes, uizzint;;,s backache and nervousness, graüually grow ing worse uutil my life was despaired of and try what we would, I found no relie until I coiamenced using Dr. Miles' Nervine I have taken five boules and believe I am a well woman, and I have taken great com fort in recomniending all of my friends to use Nervine. You may this letter if you wish, and I hope it may be the means of saving some other sick mother's life, as It did mine." On sale byall drurgists. Book on Heart and Nerves sent FREE. Dr. Miles Medica Co., Elkhart, Ind. Dr. Miles' Remedies Restore Health AA ii. Is scarcely less attrac l'alllOrDia tivethan the Winte I ■ season there....You "v Siiïïiïïifir ma' doubt u 0UWWG1 explained and verifled in om1 illustrated book - "To California and Back."' Por free copy addrees, O. T. NICHOLSON, . P."A., 85 ITIouaduoik Bldsc., Chicago ANDREW E. GIBSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. JSo. 10 E. Muron St. AMN AKBOK IIK1I. niCHIGAN CENTRAL " The Magrura Falls Route." VEMjUAL ÜTAXDAM) T1MK, 'JHAÍNS AT AND AKBOH. 1 uling Effect Mmj 19, 1S95. GOING EAST. Kall & Exprpss' 3 :P.M. N . Y. & Boston Specliil 5 00 Fust Kartets 10 AtlanticEx 7Í7 M Detroit Niglit Ex 5 4 Grand Raplds Ex 11 05 GOING WEST Mali & Express $ 43 A. H Boston, N. Y. & Chicago 7 30 North Sbore Ltd 9 25 Fast Western Ex 2 00 p. M. Grand Rpds & Kal Ex 5 57 Chicago Night Expres 10 28 Pacific Ex 12 15 Ü.W. RUGGLES, II. W HAYta, G. P fc T. A., CbiCïRO. Ag't., Arm Arboi E. R. EQGLE5T0N, H. D. 'i S. Ilaln-M., COT Hliroil-M. Gen era l ïi a ei ice. Houis:- ÍO:3O a. m. to 12 m. ; 2 to5 p.m. and 7 to 8 p. in. 'Phoueii Ilümbiní STEAM ABP GAS FITTING SEWER COMCTIONS Made promptly and at reasonable rates. All Work First - Class ! CIVE ME A TRIAL. J OHN O 'BB1EX, 30 K. WASHINGTON BT. nvalid's IDEAL Drinking Cap. A New iiikI I 'Kei ii I Artillo For the Wek. TIn l'niimi i'(l Nol Bt Diitwrbed. Drink, íiquid Food or Medicine sdministered to the sick afflicted in a recumbent position with ease and siitis faction. j'ltK'j:, r CENTS. For Sale lii ill truiyists TTklflPn ■' Touch, ts a comI hlMIIrK njon symptom of rheumuI kliUL.ll tic joints. Khematlsmcan te curva only by curing lts cause, preventing the formation and K'iMimuliitlun wlthin thesystei oí deleteriiius robstances. To do thls, use Dr, Whitehall s Rheumatic Cure. It relieves lnüammatory rbeumatlsm In a few houre, the pain ceaslng and swelline diiniiilsliing from tin? begin n Ing of tlie treatment. Frté Samplt sent on mention of this paper. 50 cent a box; ö box. n, $2.50. Dr. Whiteliull JIpï. Co., South Bmd, Irxl THE POPULAR ROUTE TO GRAND RAPIDS AND WESTERN MICHIGAN. IS THE D. L. & N. DETROIT, LANSING & NORTHERN, station-, oonra west. Detroit Lv. 7 41 llOpm SOOpm l'lymouth.... " 1 48 6 43 South Lyon.. " s 2 ifl 7 04 Howell ,Iunc. " 9 14 729 Bowell " V 20 :; 36 7 36 I.ansing " 10 24 8 3S 8 37 Grand I.cdio. " 10 5(1 8 M' fl Ofl Grand Raplds " 12 :i' p m 5 20 in 4r Ionla " 114Sain 4 4ópin]000 HowardcUy..Ar. 1 20 p rn 11 45 p m STATIONS. OOINQ EAST. Howard c-ity I.v. 5 BOam 4 10 p m Ionla " 7 30 1 35 p m 6 00 Grand Raplds " 7(0 1 20 5 25 Grand Ledge. 8 3 2 4: 7 02 Lanslng " 8 54 3 08 7 25 Howell " fl 5!i 3 59 8 25 Howell June " 9 66 South Lyon." 10 26 4 28 8 56 Plymoth " 10 61 4 47 9 20 Detroit Ar. 11 41) a m 5 30 p m 10 10 p m Connecnons at Grand Rapids with the CIi icago and West Michigan Ry. tor Petoskey, Bay View, Traverse City, Manistee. Muskegon, Grand Haven, Benton Harbor, and St. Joseph T. A. A. & K. 31. Agenta Sell Tliroiigh Tickets. Geo. D. Haven, G. P. A . Grand Rapids. $2 50 CLEVLLAND ÜI?:__ BUFFALO VIA "'. c B. LINK.' lommeneiri' wiih (jp-ningof nKviRnt on abc) Ajn II . ÏHiiiiifirHn' siil -wliet! steel Btesmw ol'Ohlo'and' Muir ol Sonïuri." UAII.Y TIME TA BLE. SI MIAY IMUEtD. Lv. deve'and. 8 S0 p. m. Lv. Buffato, 6fl0r., Ar. Buffolu, 7:30 A. M. Lv. ■ 1 Telnd 7 30a. CKNTKAL.STANBABD TIJÍI, Taka rhe' C. & B. Line" steonurs ■ rñ cnjoy a refresbiiiK ni"ht's ien when enroutetn 11 tl a In, Mnsuni Fallx, Tiirniilo, New Vork, BoKÏton, Albauy, 1,000 loluntlk, t kiy other KasUrn or Canadian point. Ctieap Eicurslons Weekly to Niágara Fiíit. Send 4 cents postage foi tourist ;pmp)i)et. W. F. Hekman, T. F. NEwmit, Gen'l.Pass. Agt. Gen.l. Mngei. CleTeland, Ohlo. WURSTER & KIRN. Want you to cali wtten ycit are in n'.ed oa CARRIAGE OR BUGGY Orany other ort of a vehicle. Thtir u orfc ÜPEAHEI KOK ITSKLK. 1ÏEPA1RING NEATLT LONE AT MODERATE RATES. . Horse Shoeing . JiY KXI'ERIESVED 11AXDS. WK a ABANTKE ALL Ol It UIIIIK 21, 23 and 25 N. 4th Ave.. Ann Arbor, Mich OHIO CENTRAL LINES. T. t( O. C. üy-K. d M. Ry, Solid through trains between Toledo, Ohio nd Charleston, W. Va., via Coumbus, the short and on'y direct route jet ween Toledo, O., and Mt. Pleasant. W. Va. Findlay, O., " Richmond, Virginia. Kenton, O.. " Petersburg, " Columbus, O. " Old Point Comfort, Vat Athens, O. " Williamsburg, Va. Vliddleport,O " Newport, News, Va. 3omeroy, O. '■ Norfolk, Virginia, And all south-eastern point?. Elegant drawing room car9 on all through rains. For (urther Information cali on your local ticket or write. W. A. Peters, Mocíeon Houk, Mich. Pass. Agt. Geu'l. Pass.. Agt. Detroit, Mieh. Toledo. O. THE BEST LINE TO THE SOUTH j' THE DIRECT LINE TO ! Cincinnati and the South. 1 THROUGH TRAINS DAILY from DETROI THROUGH TRAINS DAILY from TOLEDO, TO DAYTON, CINCINNATI and the SOUTH. The Best Line From MICHIGAN AND NORTHERN OHIO TO LORIDA and all the Southern States. D. B. TRACY N. P. A.. Detroit. Mlch. 1 JOHN BASTABLE. D. P. . Toledo. O. „ O. G. EDWARDS S. f A . Carew Bid. Clnclnne


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