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Mrs. Wm. Arnold is visiting relatives in CWicago. , Perry F. Power, of Cadillac, was in the city last Friday. Robert Stabler has gone to New York for a short visit. Aid Koch has soné to Corning, N. Y. to attend to some business. Professor and Mrs. M. L. D'Ooge liave returned f rom the east. David Henninsr. of Chicago, has been in the city for the past few days. Miss lila Couch has taken a position in Moore & Wetmore's bookstore. Dr. A. K. Hale has returned from his visit to the northern part of the state. Tudee N W. Cheever has returned fromhfsvisHwithfriends in Chicago, Prof R. C. Davis will return from hi summer's visit at Castine, Mam, toJudge W. D. Harriman has returned from his visit to his old home in Vermont. Prof. and Mrs. B. M. Thompson have returned from their trip down the St. T s wrpnoG Prof H B. Hutchins, the new dean of the law department, has arrived with his famil'. Mr. and Mrs. C. Baluss, of Temple Mich. aro visting Geo. spathelf, Jr. of the North Side. Mr and Mrs. R. Waterman and faraUy have returned from their summer s stay at Bay Veiw. President and Mrs. Angelí have returned from their summer .outmg at Narragansett Pier. Mrs H. Markham has just retm-ned from two weeks' visit with frieads in Detroit. E W Butler, of Milwaukee, Wis., visited hls sister, Mrs. J. L. Babcock, a few days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wagnor have gone to Topeka. Kansas, to visit their daughter, Mrs. Peers. Fi-ed Johnson, of Ypsilanti, and Aaron Armbruster, of Pittsheld, were in the city over Sunday. Rev Thomas Holmes, of Chelsea. is sponding the week with hls brothw, A. H. Holmes, of Forest ave Prof. and Mrs. E A Lyman have returned from an extended visit with friends and relativos in Kansas. Rev C A. Young and family have returned to Ann Arbor for a .few months. They will reside at 40 E. Madison. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Finney will attend the meeting of the Michigan Library Association at Kalamazoo. Prof E N. Bilbie expects to leave about Oet. lst, to be absent two or three years in Germany, studying music. Dr. Lee Kapp and sister Ruth, leftfor Denver, Colorado. Monday mght. ihe doctor will probably lócate somewhere in the west. Miss Florence Sterrett returned Saturdav from Cleveland where she went to purchase a large stock for the Utopia Millinery Parlors. Dr W F Breakey. aceompanied by his son, Dr. James R. Breakey, has troné to Lawrence, Kans., to visit his daughter, Mrs. May Adams. Prof G P. Coler returned Monday evening from Wiseonsin where he vent a week a?o to attend the state convention of the Disciple's church. Hale Bliss, who was the first gradúate in the Pharmacy department of the T' of M has been in the city for''days'visiting friends and relatives. Mr. BUbs is looated at the Ccok County Hospital, Chicago.


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