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■MM Many a boy starts WffcJU I out in Hfe with tha HkX I firm determinaüon I of conquering the SB8p"1' I world. He mcans WTLJlPW&C'tt I to achieve suceess W''klS and wealth and F HG7v:JJJyH fame. His intenUjUlH ! JM H tions are ffood, and W klH E his will is strong. Br in wÊ if he has the bodi'y BF' ' fflfli T strength to carry ■ _ I A hi throuifh, his BB I Bi BBBL efforts will be 1 I crowned witn HHJ"T H achievement. Bod$g '■ wtr ilv strenKth and 1 & health are hi greatHf 'jfp est capital. Without ■TT i I T them he can hope W fh 41 t for How (■jiA lSI many young men M BP and younK woraen JHj are cut off J ust when '' the future seems brifïhtest and fullest of promise ! They are taken away by the diíease which causes over one-sixth of all the deaths the world-the disease which doctors cali conTumption. Consumption has been codered incurable, and the medical profession has nevermade a greater mtstake har l this ti,-. U hsolutelv no reason in the world why consutnption should be. fatal -wny u Thould be even serious. It is a disease of the blood, and can be cured absolutely and always by purifyinfr and ennrfnng _ the blood The only exception to this is the case where the disease has been neglected ptf ffite ! ?oíery will cure 98 per cent, of aU M jof consumption if used accorthng to direetions. It also cures all lingenng coughs bronchial and throat affections. There , i= ño reason why the child of consumpíive parents neíd ever have consump!on i? it. blood and lungs are strengthened by the proper use of the Dicov erv " All who have any reason to fear consumption. should read the chapters on that disease in Dr. Pierce's Common Sen sí Medical Adviser. This peal medical work of 1008 pazes, profuely illustrated, Has reaXed i sale of over 680,000 copies. It will be sent free of charle on receipt of íi one-cent stamps to cover cost of ' niailing only World's Dispensary Mtdi"1


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