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Electric Belt And Appliance Co.

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1J - - - - ■ - - - 1 aGUÁRANTEE Owen Electric Belts Él AND APPLIANCES : H;. INSURjEToTHBjjlCK WjKKBKf" ThT ELECTRIC CÜRRENT ean bc immediately feit, alW. J. BRODIE. is under the complete control of tlie CeBif(!m„_solely In the interest of othcrs wcarcr so much so that a ehild may bo wh0 are or may bccome elmilarly nffected wlth ?S and cured by thesam e PW of : .en,, to - Belt necessary for the strongest man. . " entirely by thftt ffiotive, must be It can be changed from positive to ncgnt from tlie fact that until you eee mj tíve current in a moment. nftme and addros recorded on thls letter you thousana Oí tase i prostratlon contracted or aggravated bymany , RHEUMATISM, ;.earsre8ldeneeIntheEaSU!;die8. Abcutthree CHRONIC DISEASES '--ïï-.': AND ' on,i Wore lt continuously as dtrected for abmt NERVOUS AILMENTS 2-gISf-SL"5 ill man and Woman (from any , n(1, ton wlthall lts attendant mi6erlei, ner-ue Wbere long continuod medi-al ' TOUSnes8, depresaion, lrriubillty and insomnia, Avoid all cheap (so-called) fclectiu. ueii g whcn a Belts and fraudulent iiuitations ot our pciirre'nce of mj old trouble very íorcibly Electric Bclts and Appliances, as these remin(Jcd me üf ,. i again put it Into wear aro an Impotltioi Opou the suffering. (after eeasing its use for over ene and cnehalf THE OWEH ELECTRIG TRUSS êSSÏÏggsS i the most retenlive ,se clrcum8tanCes i xn n-ost Dphettcaiiy Truss made lor the radical cure ol recommendtoothersi.iiffcriiigíromtheaiiincntp . I which i hava eudeavored to describe, the adon Sse six cent, aud send for our Lm of the uw of ö Owa Wectrie üfc LARGE0 ILLÜSTRATED CATALOGUE [LLL$ %Z Zl7lTrTZffl Wogian languages; containmg medical f1 ban of which he I. the facts, sworn statements of cures made j patente(, fof whlch , pRd three guineas, and aud descriptions of Belts and - rJSW5 anees. Address ' resuU dd not approach the benefit ■Tlir niliry dcrived from the use of the Owen Belt, IHI llnfrN ' beside. which Usutility is fogreatanlmproTC L UU til ment in comfort and converüence; macuer wem -"" adtusting to the body. hesides eausmg from belng uncorered, bltatem and sores, and above all not being eWo to regúlate tbe current as ia the osse In the Owra Blectrfc Belt. You are at perfect llberty to niake wlmt use yon think fit of tbïs iettet, and I shall be glad to .., r.f hr ïpttr iinv ïnaiilrv ■ ■ ■ ■■■■■ - aiiswcr citiier vvxvwuij w j .. - v - 206 TO 211 STATE STREET, roto ......... .


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