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Lindenschmitt & Apfel

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CÓRÑjt :_aLPRgMiyn: dílH FREE TO YOU SVrr1': .fll LINDENSHMITT & APFEL allii Wjí The Thorough Reliable Clothers offer this Êr amount and will distribute the same in the following iranner:-. m- -■-"■■■ TO THE FARMERS who will bring to our store belween the first day of September and the first day of November. 1895, the Best Five Ears of Corn we will give the following premFIRST PREMIUM. SUIT OR OVERCOAT WORTH - - $15.00 SECOND PREMIUM. SUIT OR OVERCOAT WORTH - - $10.00 THIRD PREMIUM. suitmjw It tríll cost no entrancefce, etófo r úkll yon haw to buy anytMng of m in erdar to CAÏÏÏhe corn brouqht to S icill be sold and Hie proceeds of same givcnfor Litirnintst trimmedicayon bcariag a LlXDEZSCHMni & APFEL Banmr. Every farmer in Waddenavo County slwuld bring 5 ears of lm choicest corn xf or no otlier purpose than tohdp axcorthy cause. Of course somebody tcill get the premiums. 37 s. MAIN street. Clothiers and Hatters.


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