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Dr. Martin' Nervine 'offee Snves More i h i ii Huil' onr ColFee Expense nd Doctor ItilU. A pleasant drink composed of cereals, gluten and vegetables, and a positive cure for nervousness, dyspepsia, biliousness, constipation, heart disease, sick headache, sleeplessness and the many ailments caused from the use of ordinary coffee and tea. 1 Ib. equals 2 lbs. other coffee ; only 20c. Free sample at grocers. Eat Dr. Martin 's Roy al Breakfast Food. For sale by Stimson, State Street. 26 Kcllioval. J. F. Schuh has removed his office, show room, and work shop to 37 S. Main-st., upstairs. I now have a very large shop and a large f orce of competent vorkmen,and am prepared do to all kinds of plumbing and heating without delay. I shall increase my sewing machine stock and will continue to sell machines at a low price and on long terms. Get my prices is all I ask. J. F. Schuh, 37 S Main-st. (Up Stairs) 84 I TRY THEM! 1 That ü the only way tn ' know whether chocolate candies are good or. not. We have trkd nearly all tlie well-kwncn makes and ifyou i will try the stock that we juat reccived you will see the results. Xst. We have the very best i chocolates that are sold in Am% Arbot: i 2nd. Our asgortment is such every piece will suit aliiiost everybody. 60c Ib. So me plain chocolate i i crttums at 'He Ib, ! SCALKINS' PHARMACY. PUR 25 CENÍ COLUMN. W1NTKO. S- A Kirl for general hoiework. r." . . Thayer street. (HT) WANTED-A young lady who deslíes to do ;i few hours work each day for her .oom and board will tind an opportunlty a1 5N. Ktat.e-st. (34) WANTF.D A FARM-Will glve good town property and oasli dlfference. In reply Ing to thla gïve fnll particular, locatfon price, etc G 0. Crane. P.Q. Box Í01, Ypsil.-uiii. W Cellars and yards i riimi Kulihish removed. Leave orders wlth Wm, Actlon, 22 Pontlac-st. 77tf W ANTE- A youriRlady attending school wishes to walt t,itle. or do some other work requirliiK only part of her time, in payIng forboard and room. Good reference furnished. Address E. B. Ann Arbor Begister City. Blds will be receive4 for ir rods plcket fence, 3 feet high wlth oak posts- good chance for farmer or rarburban resident. W. B. Stickney. North-west corner 12 Hill street. 83_ FOR SALK. IÏOR KALE Sweet Concord Grapes for sale hy basket and ton. J. Ganzhorn, head of Sprlng-st. 184) jÖR SALE- A gK)d younc cow and calf for sale. Apply to.I. f. Mann, Whitmore Lale road. (84) FOK RENT, CIIEAP- A nine rooin cottage on Packard-st. Apply at 65 S. 4t liave._ 84) FOR SALE- Good location for wood and ooal vard. Wiil sell cheap. Wm. Action, i2 t'ontiac-st. int Í7OK SALE- New Safe. Will be sold at a burguln. Enquire of S. A. Moran, ter Office. _39tf [ jAKH FOK NALK:- The Bullock or fcverett r farm, 8 miles west of Salem station and 11 miles faom Aun Albor, containirg 109 acres, house and barns, stock and well water in abundanc Hmber; school and church witbin a ralle; laua naturaliy the best; all seeded down. Prloe and terms reasonable. Cali on or addrcs: Andrew E. Gibon.30 Maynardst., Ann_Arboi, Mlch. 4ñtf tHtt SALK VBBT :il KAP- Good house ' 10 rooms, nam and two city Iota mi southwest corner, west Huron-st. and Jewett Ave. So. 90 tlie late resldence of Lorenzo M Lyon. Enqulreot Daniel Lyon of Dexteror .T. Q. A. Sessions, Attv, No. 5Ji. Main Btreet, Aun Arbor. 70tf ÍpoR SAUB - 3 miles wet of city on Dexter road, 0 acres good f arm land especlally suitíibli fur fruit farm, 1U acres tlmber. Enquire oí A. B. Lyon on the pretniaes. T'.itf HOI SF.S FOK SAUS OH Beaí Estáte boughtn nd sokl. Pire Insurance Ín first-class compañías, Oatl and'consuU me bef ore dacidlnR. 1 believe I ';m aci imodate ynu. Mury L. llutniHon, room 11,' Block. 07tf iXok SAi.15 - Mrs. Perkln'f farm, X so acres, 'Z miles east of Saline. 7 miles BouthofAnn Arbor, known as the Kellogg f;i i-iii. si aerea irood bearlng peach orchara. liniise, bftrn, BtOCK and well water in abundance, school withlo 'j mlle. Price reaaonable, terms easy. cali on premises or U . Innallsst„ Anti Arbor. i)4tf Illll KENT. H"ÖÏJBES TO KIíT Severa) Hoiuei iti modern improvemcuis, unfurTiisliei moms forsmiill families, ai reasonable prlcea Callón J.Q. A. Sesslons, Eíeal Estáte Agent, Office No. 5N. M:iin-st. 2nd Hoor, Beeldence :; K. Williain-st. 88tl IllkUTm Qoood rellable men to Bell inlliri I ril our Clioice and llaniy NurIln" ' fc-w sery Stoi-K, snel. a's fruit trees, roses, slirulis and ornamentáis. Ladies make thlfl business a suc-ess. Easy work, pleasant. llghl and profitable. Oiitlit Vree. Apply at once, wltn references, and secure cholee oí lerrltopv. F. N. .Hay Compan; Nurservnten and Seeüsmen, Bochester,N. V sa


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