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Entrance examinations are in full blast. _ The observatory dome has been painted a pretty blue. Several people in this vicinity reported f rost Tuesday mornlng. The High School S. C. A. seems to be in a very prosperous condition. The docket for the Oetober term of circuit court will contain at least 130 cases. The anti-tramp society will have a meeting in the court room tomorrow night. Superintendent Reeves has been appointed special policeman upon the campus. Titus Hutzel has purchased the Spoor block on South Main-st. occupied by Anton Teufel. The board of regents met yesterday. They have a large amount of business bef ore them. Clinton J. Snyder and Willis Clark have been appointed special pólice this week on account of the fair. A. B. Walker, the Jefferson street livery man was married last Thursday to Miss Carrie Hamilton, of Salem. Grant E. Jenkins, of Detroit, forinerly a printer of this city. was married in Detroit last week to Miss Mary F. Joy. There is every prospect that the attendance at the School of Music during the coming year will be larger than ever. ' O. E. Wagner, of the School of Shorthand, had afallwbüe learning to ride a wheel last week. It laid him up for a few days. Prof. B. A. Hinsdale has an article in the Christian Evangelist, of St. Louis, Mo., of last week, on "The Creed of an Asnostic." It is quietly rumored that the Courier will suspead its daily publication after the expiration of its first volume whieh will be about the middle of October. Rev. F. C. Speekman, the new pastor of the Germán M. E. church. will preach his first sermón here next Sunday morning. Aid. C. A. Maynard will have U pay about $40.00 for repairs made upon his eafe which was blown open by bnrglai-s two weeks ago. The secretary of the School of Music recently reoeived a letter from Japan enquiring íor tuition rates and a catalogue of the school. The J. T. Jacobs Company have. i among other new things, fitted therusslves out with a new name. lt is now Cutting, Ryer & Co. Herman Hutzel does not believe he has been paid enough for building i the Washington stretit suwer and has sued the city for $5000. Aüce Wheeler Hawkes does not like the idea of being the wife of a man who has deserted her and has sued for a divorce on that ground. The thermometer at the observatory showed that the teraperature took a drop of 37 degree between Sunday night and Monday morning. The next regular examination of teachers for second and third : certifícate for Washtenaw county, will te held in Ann Arbor, üct. 17. The musio for Woman's day,toda; , t the fair will be furnlshed by Prof. Pease's ladies's quartette, of Ypsilanti, and the Allmendinger quartet, of this city. George II. Kelly sells Wood. Geo. Stoll, a printer, who works in i the office of the Housefreund-Post,?will I be married tonight to Miss Lizzie Sut: ter. Rev. John Keuman will officiate. i William Bubbs, aged 37 years, died of consumption at his home number 96 E. Ann-st last Sunday. Funeral services were held at the Second Baptist church Tuesday. Robert Hunter, proprietor of the engine and boiler works has taken a partner in the business. The new member of the flrm is Mr. John Marchey. Harvey Stofïiet won two first prizes in the bicycle races at Dundee last Fri day in the mile open race. The time was 3:10 and in the three-mile lap race, time 11 174. The first ward school is so crowded that the board has ordered the house owned by the district just south of the first ward shool put in shape for use as a school room. There will be a meeting at the Y. M. C. A. rooms next Monday evening for all who are interested in the educational courses to be given by the ciation this winter. Congregational Church, Sunday, Sept. 2Jth 1895. Morning worship, preaching by the pastor. Evening service, Young Men's Sunday Evening Club. Subject: "Sober-nainded. " Geo. Spathelf Jr., of the North Side is just too proud to see common people or anybody etee for that matter. Twins, a boy and a girl, at his home, are his whole attention. Messrs. Bassett & Mason have sold their drug tnre on Statc-st. to Mr. W. G. Palmer who takes possession today. Mr Talmer U well-known in the city and will no doubt make a success in his new undertaking. Joseuh Buil, of the North Side made an attempt to take his life Tuesday morning. He tried to cut his throat with a case knife. He did not make a succesB, and will probably be sent to Pontiac to the asylum. It is reported that C. W. Traver is on nis way 1 rom California and will be in the city for a few days this week. Mr. Traver will return to California and Mexico instead of going to New York this fall as as previously intended. Thomas Goodrich, until his senior yoar, a memoer of the class of 95, died of typhoid fever last Friday. It will be remembered that he was elected register of deeds in hls home county and henee did not return to college last fall. The finance committee of the Sohool Board found ex-treasurer Gruner's sounts perfestly square when it settled with him last week. Mr. Gruner has held the office for the iast fifteen years and has pro ved an exceptionally good official. A prominent Ann Arbor lady asked yo editor yesterday why those people who object to the blootner are not raising a howl atsome of the costumes worn by some of the riders at the ten mile road race last wpek? Some one please answer. The regents have decided that the Dniversity is entilted to several paintInga wljlch were a part of the Lewis Art Gallery and which some of the heirs of the Lewis estáte refuse to surrcnder. To secure the same suit, has been instituto!. A new law which has just gone into eTect allows the county treasurer to charge 25 cents for certifying that the tax has been paid for five years on al wari-enty deeds. The law also al lows the register of deeds 25 cents for recording these certificates attached to sueh deeds. GEORGE P. KELLY SELLS WOOD. Prof. H. L. Wilgus is the name of a new law professor whom it has been found neeessary to add to the law faculty because of the extended lawoourse. Prof. Wilgus comes from the Law School at Cincinnatti,Ohio,and has a fine reputation as a teacher. County Clerk Dansingburc; has received notice from Secretary of State Gardner that Washtenaw county's quota of volumes of the acts of the legislature of 1895 has been forwarded. It requires 199 copies to supply the public officers and newspapers of the county. Notwithstanding the strong wind the Ann Arbor Schutzenbund made a good record at the park the first of the week. The record stood: H. Armbruster, 67; R. Armbruster, 67; L. Kurtz, 63; J. Armbruster, 62; J. Mayer, 61; Dr Schroepper, 57; Dr. Georg, 57; W. Weimer, 56. The project to build an electric line between this city and Detroit seems to be meroly talk thus far though it may be developed into something in time. The Detroit Journal, speaking of the enterprise and the securing of electric power for the road from Niágara Palls says there is one item about the story that is true and that is- there is a Niágara Falls. Under the present arrangements the homceopathic departmenthasa separate committee on the board of regents and a superintendent of the homoeopathie hosnitals while the faculty of that pai-tment has what is equivalent to an absolute control over their students. The faculty of this department are sanguine that these new features will be the means of great success in that department. The workmen have all finished and Hon. A. J. Savryer is in full possession of his new home. It is one of the most complete in the city. Every sleeping room has a lavatory which is supplied with hot and cold water. By us:ng a windmill a constant supply of well water is maintained throughout the house, there beina; fully 1000 feetof water pipe used. The house is heated by steam a Dunning boiler being used. The heating and plumbing work was done by .1 . F. Sehuh and is one of the best jobs in the city. According to latest report s the new homoeopathio faeulty will consist as follows: Dr. W. B. Hinsdale, of Cleveland University, dean of the school and professor of materia medica and therpeutics; Dr. K. S. Copeland, professor of ophthalmology, otology and paedology ; Dr. O. R. Long, professor of the theory and practice of medicine ; Dr, Oscar Le Senre, of Detroit, professor of surgery and clinical surgery. Itisnot definitely settled, but it is expected that Dr. A. G. Willard, of the Chicago Homoeopathic College, will accept the chair of gynecology and obstétrica.


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