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The Kangaroo

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Not Show Off in Running Down HUL Leather made from the ?kln of the tangaroo Is one of the new producís in the leather line. It is soft, strong, and the light grades are particularly well adapted for light sumnxer shoes and for shoe tops, while the heavier grades wili bear more usage than any other leather finished on the grain sfde. The light skins are made into the finest arilliant glazed kid and in dull finish !or ladies' flne shoes, and the heavy ones are finished for men's fine work. Much of it is crimped and sold for tongue boots. Shoe laces of good qualities are also made of it. The skin of the kangaroo has a wonderfully muscular fibre, which contributes largely to the strength of the animal, enabling the témales to earry their young in their pouch until old enough to take care of themselves, and aiding the kangaroo in his long leaps when in motion. The animal is a native of Australia and adjacent islands. It is a distinct species, and has no counterpart in other countries. There are a great number of families, some scarcely larger than a at, others of almost gigantic slze. The giant kangaroo (Macropus major), the lamily which furnishes the most vaina ble skins, was discovered by Captain 3ook about a century ago, at which time it attracted much attentlon among naturalists. The natives of Australia cali the old males "booma," and are slow to attack them. The "booma" has paws as large as those of a mastiff, thougii of different shape. His feet are bis weapons, and when attacked he is a dangerous antagonist. When raised to hls full height his hind legs and tail form a tripod, upon which his body rests, carrying his head as high as that of a man on horaaback. The kangaroo lives upon vegetable food, and roams over the plalns of Australia in large docks. lts teeth are so constructed that it can feed upon roots and live upon barren plains, where other animáis would starve, and to its destruction of roots is attributed the sterile plains so common in Australia. When feeding a large male stands at his full height and acts as senilnel, while the balance of the flock He on their sides and browse. At the slightest approach of danger the sentinel sounds the alarm, and in an Instant all are erect upon their hind feet. They leap with their forepaws clasped close to their body, the tail stretched backward, while the powerful thigh muscles are caused suddenly to 3traighten to the joints, by which act the body files througb the air on a low curve. The ordinary jump is about nine feet, but thlrty feet is often made at a leap. When pursued by hunters, and on level ground, or on an up-grade, they can outrun the fleetest dog, but lown-grade they lose their balance and roll over. The flesh of the kangaroo furnishes excellent food, Kangaroo venison being considered a dalnty dish, while the tail furnishes an excellent and nutritious soup.


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