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Malaria Microbes

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The organisrn or germ which causes chronic malaria is known among microscopists as Polimitus or the Parasite of Laveran. These organisms are so exceedingly small tuat they must be magnified many thousand times to be seen at all. Unlike the parsite of acute malaria, those which produce chronic malaria are incapable of motion. They reproduce themselves with astounding rapidity, and in malarial district? it is impossible to be safe f rom them. They enter the body with every swallow of water, with every mouthful of food, and even in the air we breathe. When they have once entered the system they begin their work by producing all the well-known symptons of malaria; the cold sweat, bad breath, coated tongue, sour taste in the mouth poor digeston, and almost ceaseless biliousness and headaches. When these people have satisfied themselves that it is malaria they have begin to take quinne, thinking that will help them. But each one is doomed to final disappointment. There is olny one remedy which is known to permanently and thoroughly cureor prevent chronic malaria. This remedy is known as Peru-na. Taken regularly during the season. Pe-ru-na will entirely prevent the malady, and if the disease be already acquired, will cure it permanently. Every one who lives in or a malarious district should send at once for a free medical book which treats of malaria in all its forma This Ixxik will be sent free to any au li-ess by The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing l'ompany of Coluwbus, Ohio.


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