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Geneva's Great Fountain

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The fountain that the munieipality of Geneva has recently establishecl at the entrance of the port of that city is certainly the largest fountain that exists upon the surfaee of the globe, sinoe it is no less than 300 feet in height. It may be seen from a great (iistance in clear weathor, detaching itself like a great white sail flapping through the effects óf the wind. The city of Geneva possesscs a most complete distribution of water under pressure, the motive power for whieh is obtained from an artificial fall established upon the Rhone at the point of the lake. The water for domestic purposes and for the running of certain motors is raised to a height of 215 feet above the level of the !ake. For the distribution of motive forco it is raised to a height of 4R0 feet. The reservoir is an open-air one, and is situated upon the top of Bessingers, at a distance of three miles from the turbine building. A very ingenious regulator, invented by Mr. Turrettini, assures thé 'iniformity of pressure in the piping. The lengh of the ftrst pipe line is about forty miles, and that of the second about slxty. It is witb this latter that the fountain conduit is connected. The latter is set ir. play only on Sundays. It is sometimes set in operatlon ata) on week days, in the evening. Instoatl of a single jet of great height, several ! are then utilized that do not rise so high Powerful electric Hght. projectors, placed in a structure near by, brighily lllumlnate them wlth their raya at varled eolors, which transform them into a lununous fou&tsin of tXe most peaut'fui aspect.


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