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Special ItatOH i ihc Fair. The Michigan Raüroad will sel] round trip tickets to Ann Arbor and return from all points between .Tackson and Detroit for one and one-half cents per milo each way. Tickets will be Boid durinr the fair September 24, 25. 26 and 27. Tickets will be good to return September 2Sth. H. W. Hayk.s. Agt.. 83 Michigan Central Depot. JA lovely comXSpSSi plcxion only Nature dMa7yS TV can give. She gives a new yjl clear and soft onc to tbose who " .-;- s.M use Dr. Hebra's Viola Cream. It is iiot ]k a paint or powder to cover dcfects. (fu g-cis rid of theni) by Nature's own lO cess of rene w ing the vitality of the ;,kin ; V ; banishin all roughness, redness, freckles, 1 moles, pimples, blackheads, sunburn and ' tan. It does this surely and harmlessly, becaii-c naturally. lts use nieans both skinbeauty and skin-health. Viola Skin-Soap hastens the process, because it is a pure and delicate soap. It should be used in connection with the Cream. It should be used in the nursery, too. Ordinary soaps are uot fit for a baby's skin. Viola Cream, 50 cents. Viola Skin-Soap, 25 cents. Sold by druggists or sent by mail. Send to G. C. BITTNER CO., TOLEDO, -? J HURRBALSAM g&H Cïf acM-i and btutifici the h!r. Wm Hl'romotef t luxuriant growth. MIStner Talla to Beitar Qry IflSS-KlEL-afll Eslr to Ita Youthful Color. ■Kio0- H Curn icftlp diftftflei ft htir ltliicg. I jj t0c,Dd100t DruaU__ ■% C 'hl. hr.l. r'. InlUh lll.m.nJ Brand. Pennyroyal pills ■ -G K Orljrh.ul ml Onlj rnuln. A 4á(r$ FC' lwía fliahl. LADics "V Jj "W #nn other. Rtf 4atk$ênuê Attfl. V AFtionaand tmÜmttm. Ai DrupR!:!, or .end 4e. I W 2Jr in 1-tnmpa for pnrticuUrs, V Miinoniali arnl i f D "Kellcf Kadlen." (■ letter, bv rit urn -A. jíT Mll. ïn.OOO TnOmooUla. Yaw Pnprr. V r'b1fhrtrr4'kit:mKl.I', Sold bj ail Local lruiu. 1'hiUUt. J'a. THINAGURA fo11 rHJjy ri;oi'Li: Are Yon Thin? ttc-li tnade wit 1 1 Tfalnacnra Tableta by h I sclentlflc proces, Thy craate perfect assimllation of every farm or fcoa, secretlng the mluale parts and discarding the wortbIcss. Thc.v make tliln faoes plump und round om Bgute, They are the SI'.WOAKI BUIEB1 for Leanness, coq$ainlDg oo arseni&and abao lutely harmlesB. PHce, preïaid. fj perbosi Sfar. Pamphlet, -'How To Get Fat," free Xlic raiNAClUA CO., 919 Broud ny , New York,


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