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U. Of M. Loses A Leg

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The account of a rather peculiar incident will interest our readers. It is taken f rom one of last Saturday'sDetroit dailies Anti AvbOi', Mich., Óct. 12. - A letter recelved by a student f rom Denver, Col., states tnat the late Robert C. Greiner made a carióos bequest to the U. of M. Greiner is a nativo of Jackson, Mich., and was killed tvvo months ago in the boiler explosión at the Gumry hotel. His wife died with Mm. The will w8 written by Greiner himself. He gives everything to. hiswife, with reversión to his or her parents, should they survive, the final leñatee being the sisters of mercy, vvho are to use the estáte for orphans and poor ehildren. But the last clause concerns the U. of M. Tt directa that, after his death. his right foot shall be amputated above the ankle and presented to the Ann Arbor medical school. It is to be mounted as a skeleton prepattion and labeled: "Bob 's game foot." Mr. Greiner had a peculiarly deformed ankle and dislocated toe, whicb had been a great source of trouble to him, but such a puzzle to physicians that he came to take great pride in it. Henee hls desire to perpetúate the abnorma lity. As the will is not witnessed, it is void and cannot be earried out, except in the diposal of his personal properoy If the dead body is personal propertj the toes o o to Ann Arbor. If not, th U. of M. cannot reeeive her bequest His wife's heirs, who live in .Tackson Mich., have beg-un suit, claiming tha he diedfirst, so that his estáte vested i her, and on her cleath in them. Hi heirs, who also live in Jackson, contes this;and as the estáte, pealty and al is probably worth much more tha $100.000, there will be an interestin litigation. University authorities have 'ïear nothing of the peculiar bequest, and it is not known whether he ever was treated here for any of the difficulties arising from his deformity.


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