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(Croi'-iinl uní htsi week.) DELHI 1IILLS . Theassistant P. M. arrived last Sunday night. He does not expect to assurao duties in the P. O. for somo timeyet, but will reside at the of the P. M His name has not been Sfiven to the public yet. He. weighs only eleven pounds. Geo. Young met with a singular accident a few days ago. He was in the field, and saw an apple on a tree, and threw a stone into the tree to knock the apple down. He does not say whether the apple came down or Dot, but the stone did, and cut his head so that it took several stiches to sew it up. The wound was doing well, the last report YORK Mr. E. Fol-ü was a Detroit visitor last week Tuesday. Dr. Mc Lachlan ancí Mr. E. Ford visited Ypsilanti one day last week. The iittle daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Case has been quite ill for a few days. Miss Donna McLachlan, of the Ann Arbor high school, was at home over Sunday. The Baptists had a social at Mr Forsythe's last week Tuesday and all had a very enjoyable time. Mrs. S. Hale visited her sister near Wayne, Tlmrsday, Mrs. O. Condus, who is sufferinsí with dropsy. The party that went nutting last baturday got lots of fun and that was about all. They think they will try it over, though. CHIÍLSEA. Oren Cummings who has been quite íll ís slowly reeovering. Mr. Charles Sweighart, Toledo, O , isthe guest of Dr. Avery. Dr. Holmes spent last week at Marshall attendinff a religious conference. Mr. Al va Watkins, of Jackson, spent the latter part of last week with Misa ivatnryn Hooker. Mrs, ï. Glenn of North Lake, is spending the week with her parents Mr and Mrs. Twamley. Miss May Shunk who has been spend ingsome time with Mrs. Amelia Glover, leaves for her home in Traverse city today. ' WILLIS. Mre. Albert Pratt has returned from her northern trip. Miss Nellie Breiraing has been visitmg reïatives at Belden. Miss Polly Anderson is her sister Mrs. R, F. Walters. Mr. Luther Smith, of Milan. visited at George Russell's last Sunday. Miss Ella Warner is visiting her sister Mrs. Eva Spears near Coy Bridge. John Ryan and family visited at Mrs O'Bnen's, of West Sumpter, last Sunday. Miss Bessie Demsltr and friends ealled on Mrs. Don A. Root, of Willis, last Saturday. John Greenman and Ralph Bivininohave gone to Adrián to work in a canning factory. Henry Fullington, of the Islaiid district, thrashed 527 bushells of beans from 15 acres. F. J. Hammond, the Whittaker P. na.., ñas returned home safely from his trip to Kansas. Mrs. Elmer Sanderson has been quite sick but we are glad to learn is improving slowly. Marshall Post and faraily, of Wayne visited with his.parents and brother.' Dr. H. T. Post, last Sunday. Miss Effie Johnson, of Eatons Mills died last Thursday after a long illness' She leaves many friends to mourn her loss. Mr. J. D. McMasker and cousin Miss Lulu Mitehell, of Ann Arbor, took dmner at the Kimball House Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. Root. The people of this place seems to be much pleased with their new pastor He appears to be the man they have been looking for for some time. The 10c Tea given by the Ladies Helping Hand society, of Rowsonville, at Mrs. Wüliam Days last Thursday was well attended, about80 being WBIIHORE llKli, Mr. Chas. Dalkey spent Sunday with nis paren ts. Mr. Geo. Lemen we are glad to know is slowly improving. Miss Nettie Hanby, of Dixboro, is %'isiting her cousin Lydia. Miss Matie.Spiesrelberg is entertainïng- two cousins from Ohio. Miss Louisa entertained Miss Cook of i psilanti, over the Sabbath. i.j.1. n, i'ranu: Barker spent bunday with Mr. Pinckney of Ypsilanti. Mr. John Wessenger and Miss Lilüan Lumbard spent Sunday with Mrs. F. A Shuart in Dixboro. Last Saturday evening Mr. C. Heinzman presented the Good Templars with a framed photo of his son Chris., who died on Sept. 9th. Mr. E. J. Markey and daughter, Hattie, who have beun his fatlin-in-law. E. Roper and familv roturned to their home in Kt. Wavne Ind., Wed. Mp. Vincent Lumbard, of STorthfield, alea Monday a. m. of eonsumption, age -i. A wife and two children sui-vive htm. Funeral was held at the house Wednesday. The Ladiea Aid bociety have been doing good work during the past year Birsi purchaseda beautiful chandeher tind novv thfy have a bran new furanee which we hope will roast some ! of the wasps out of thechurchnextSunday. Let the good work go on. Some time ago a younsr man from Green Oak, dow a student in the U. of -M. Dental department, was asked to eat an -olive ' whioh he declared he cou'd not do. Since that time he has taken a great liking to them and quite frequantlly ls geen ioing to Dixboro, whorethe "Olivo 's" grow and "Campi bells ring. The I. O. G. T. entertainment at tneLake House was a grand suci ess, and the society take this opportunity of tüanking Miss Mildred Fiaher. of ford, who so kindly assisted them by giying several interestiny reeitations, and Messri. Freeland and DeWolf, of Hamburg, and Prof. Lumbard, for tbe splendid music thoy furnished. The program was well rendered and the society came out $14 ahead


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