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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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Orgauized 1869, „„aeheGeueraBanU, taw ol thI„ se CAPITAL, $50,000. SÜRPLÜSJIÖOOOO. TOTAL ASSETS, $1,000,000 Busir,ss Men, GuanUa Tsthcr persom wülfind 'LJ oae au of Convenient 6cmfc, and ií-esí compounded scmi-annimlly P ' accordm9 io wfe of tke Money to Loan in Sums of $2s to Se ooo UlliAtJOJÏS: Ghristim Mack, W. 1) Harrimi, armBinvy, Daniel Hücock, W. B. Smühandl Grunn '" David OFFICERS: Christian Mack, W n ir E. Hiscock, Cashier; M. íiSsL oJP"'1' Vice-President; Chas RESOURCES. LIABILITIES Loans and DiFoounts - iks -Ui; -11 rw.„i o. , ,tück„, Bod.. Mo. .o.. (" " suip uVlund Paid 'D Í 50.000 00 oSte:::::::;:: "Hgg un.LideComVci.v150-M Banking house 20 ÖOU 00 f" ,eiPes. Interest Fuvnilure. end Fixtures O.oUO 00 a, a Ta es paid and safety deposit vaults 8917S2 Dlvldends UQPa'd !ií 00 Other Keal Estáte , ; 07 DEPOSITS. r.,H Cl moiercial deposita suh■ ■"'''' to checkt % mm .-, Dueltamtantailn reherré L%L&&. 86 '4 JVnkers B3 00 -'''" T'i940,430 58 Utat:ka and cash Items... 1,976 ir, and peunies 330 n mi Gold col n SO.OUO 00 lotal 11,153,733 78 üíTfarand'ÜáiionaÍ"Bank 1'000 State of Michigan, County of Washtenaw sa Notes 00-126,79 89 „ J' Cha8' HiscocK.Cashierof the aboye naed Bank.dosolemnly 8wear that the abore tate81 m ) -x TT ? trUe' to the beS' Of my knoledg' i cj,1;).J.i33 (8 belief. TRAS b1 _i CoBBZCT_Attt: Cbrisn Mack, W. D. H biman, L. Qeckeb w HIbC0CK' CtóhlwSubtcribed and tworn to bef ore me thit nt day of October mr,. MICBASL J. FRiTZ Notary Publte.


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