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The Bloody Turks

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Constantinople: It is now stated upon good authority that the total number of killed, vvounded and missing Armenians as a result of the recent rioting in this city, is over Tüü. The Armenians refugees who took refuge in their churches and who had persistently refused to leave those edifices ever since. have been persuaded to return to their homes. They evacuated the churches in the presence of the dragomans of the emtassies of the different foreign powers, the government having prornised that the refugees should not be molested. None of the Armenians were arrested. The dragomans received an ovation from the Armenian population. Sir Phülip üurrie, the liritish ambassador, asked leave of the government to visit Armenians now in prison, but no answer was given him. The representatives of the six powapc conf. n ínllpnt.i vp. note to the ish government calling attention to the inadequate measures taken by the pólice authorities to maintain public tranquility in Constantinople and its suburbs and demanding the prompt institution of a rigorous inquiry into the recent rioting, bloodshed and vvholesale imprisonment of Armenians here. In addition the powers demand the release of all prisonera who are innocent of wronfj-doing, and the cessation of arrests. The Turkish government in reply to the eollective note enumerated the measures taken to preserve order and declared that the Armenians were the aggressof.s and had killed inoiïensive Mussulmen. It denies ordering that no food be supplied to the refugees in the churches, urges the ambassadors to assist in restoring order, and charges that the Armenians agitators are intriguing to cause fresn disturbances. .'.ne siowtr is not satisfactory to the ambassadors. In view of the continued increasing gravity of the situation the British Mediterranean squadron remains at Lemnos (Stalmni), within a short steaming distance of the éntrance of the dafdandiles. The streets of Constantinople and suburbs are patrolled by troop-., and it is understood that the torpedoes sent to the üardanelles have been or are being placed in position in the straits. Am munition has also been sent to the forts, and from other military move ments vvhich are g-oinff on it would seem the Turks are preparing to de fend the passage of the Dardanelles should tireat liritain attempt a nava demonsti-ation in these waters. The sultan has asked the Britisl ambassador to recommend the vvith drawal of the British warships from the vicinity of the entrance to Dar danelles. The ambassador has refused The foreign men-of-war, which are acting as guardahips, have been ordered to moor in the harbor for the winter in order to protect foreigners in case of noed. gi) Armenlani Killed in TnklwnA Trebizond, Armenia: Serious con-, flicts between Turks and Armemans oceurred hore. .Many Armenians were killed. The Turks were armed aud the nuraber of troops here is few. Xo attempt was made to stop the massacre of the Armenians. lu fact, it is even stated that the soldiers took part in the slaughter aud in the pillage which accompanied it. Kully 200 were killed and wounded. Constantinople: It is reported that serious disturbances between the menians and the Turks nave iroeu out at Sivas. an and liitlis. three of the leading cities of Armenia. Washington: The United States warship Marblehead has been ordered to the gulf of Alexarulretta for the protection of American raissionaries in Turkey. Dispatehes from Minister Terrell indícate that he has secured the eompliance of the porte with his demand that steps be taken to protect Americans in provinces distant from Constantinople without vvaiting until they actually have suffered outrage auti ass.mlt. . Constantinople: The lurkisn party are manifesting a revolutionary spirit and posting placards demanding a constitution.


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