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An Offended Ostrich

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(From the Philadelphia Press.) The ostrich at the Zoologioal Garden stood in the long yard adjoining its cage in the deer house yesterday. It gazed contemplatively fhrough the bars of the fence at the world beyond and shiveretJ every once in a while as the cool breezes swept down upon it. It was thinking of the difference in climates and wondering whether if it buried one of its eggs as it used to do in the long grass during such weather the cool wave would hatch out an ice cream churn. While it was revolving the question in its mind a playful kitten came through the fenee into the yard. It was a pretty kitten- pure white, except for a few blotches that looked as if somebody had thrown an ink bottle at it, after carefully removing the cork. The kitten went running along the yard until it came to the ostrich. Thinking its long, thick legs were youag saplings the playful kitten gave a run and quickly climbed up them and was soon on top of the ostrich's back. The huge bird did not know what to make of it at first, and went cantering around the yard as though the plague were after it. Round and round it went uniu rea in the face it carne to a sudden stop. The kitten never moved. Ic had taken a flrm hold of the ostrich nd did not propose lo be shaken. "I stood the earthquake this morning," said the kitten; "I guess I can stand this." Finding that the strange beast refused to be thus summarily disposed of the ostrich became less scared and more angry. It curled its neck and twisted its head so as to get a fair look at the kitten. The kitten never winced. It began to think it had barked up the wrong tree, but it was determined to see the matter out. The ostrich aimed a blow at the undesirable rider with its beak, but it dodged. It tried it again, but thé result was the same. Again and again the agile head and long neck rained sledge-hammer blows at the tricky little kitten. It escaped them all, though some were too near for comfort. Finally the kitten got scared. It ran out on the ostrich's neck to get out of the way. Then it smiled. The ostrich couldn't hit it there. It's smile did not last long, however. With a sudden tnovement the ostrich stretched its neck backward, encircled the kitten ound the waist. and squeezed it until t was dead. Then it unwound itself nd placidly lookod at the dead animal. After a moment or two of contemplaion it picked up its victim and flung t as far at it could. Then it calmly reumed the meditations that had been o ruthlessly interrupted.


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