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Vermont's Great Statesment Recommends Dr. Greene's Nervura to All. He Says Dr, Greene's Nervura is a Wonderful Medicine. It Surely Cures the Weak, Tired and Nervous. hon. t. s. KoGimnss. Hon. T. S. McGinniss, of Jerieho. Vt., the war horse of the Democratie party, is Vermonfs silver-tongueel orator, and always and ever commands the attention and respect of the people. He ran at the last election as the people's candidate for governor. Suoh is the high standing of the man, who out of his own experience, advises you to use Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy to be eured. "We have used Dr. Greene"s Nervura blood and nerve remedy in our family," hesays, "and think highly of it. We eould plainly see that it had the desired effect upon Mrs. AleGiniss, and firmly believe that, could we have persuaded her to use the medicine, it vvould have cured her entii-ely from her extremely nervous condition, but she was greatly beneƱted as it was. "We have used it in our family with good i-esults, and have recommended 't to our friends, and know of many who have used Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and Nerve remedy with the best results. I do not hesitate to rocommend the medicine to all. It ia a wonderful medicine." It must indeed be a great and good medicine which can cali outsuch strong words in its praise as this recommendation of this honored statesman, for all to use Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy to be cu red. But it is a fact that doctors, statesmen, scholars, preachers, druggists and the people everywhere, unite with one voice in pronouncing tnis grand medicine, the greatest curer of disease ever known. The week. the feeble, the nervous, the run-down and debilitatedf the sufferers f rom poor blood, rheumatism, dispepsia, kidney and liver diseases, all are restored to health and strength by its marvelous curativa powers. It is not a patent medicine, put the prescription of the most successful living specialist in curing nervous and chronic diseases, Dr. Greene, of 35 W. 14th St.. New York City. He has the lagest practice in the world; and this grand medical discovery is the result of his vast experienee. The great reputation of Dr. Greene is a guarantee that his medicine will cure, and the fact that he can be consulted by anyone at any time free of charge, personally or by letter, gives absolute assurance of of the beneiicial action of this wonderful medicine


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