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Over 2,000 bushels of cranberries have been nicked at Stevensville. 'eeney, aged GO, hanged himself Yale. Despondency. About 100 membersof the Twentieth Michigan infantry held a reunión at Chelsea. Leo Padrotti, aged 15, feil into a well, near White Rock, and was drowned. The residence of N. L. Ilobinson, of Vicksburg, was destroyed by iire. Loss $1, 500. Of the 24 criminal cases on docket at Allegan 18 are for violations of the local option law. Cheboygan Polish Catholics have a nevv $4,000 church vvhicli has just been dedieated by Bishop Richter. The nüning companies at Ishpeming are experienciijg difficulty in ünding men enough to work the mines. St. Joseph citizens have raised a fund to send Rev. H. W. Davis to Cuba to investígate the Cuban rebellion. The Episcopal convention at Minneapolis authorized the formation of the new dioceve of northern Michigan. The sixth annual reunión of the Seventh Michigan cavalry was held at Saginaw with 100 survivors present. The annual reunión of the old Second Michigan cavalry was held at Grand Rapids, with 100 veterans in attendance. J. B. Graves & Co. 's milis at Benton Harbor caught fire from sparks from a locomotive and was badly damaged. G. H. Ferguson, agent of the Ann Arbor railroad at Henrietta, is locked up at Cadillac on a charge of embezzling $90. Miss Emma Sil ver, recen tly secretary of the Y. W. C. A. at Detroit and Jackson, has sailed for Shanghai, China, as a missionary. Great Commander Boy n ton, of the K. O. ï. M.,has appointed Dwere Hall, of Bay City, lieutenant commander, vice Henry W. Carey, resigned. Frank M. Fisk, druggis,t at Edwardsburg, was seriously burned by an explosión, while gasoline from a tank by the light of a lantern. Morley girls have the "new woman" craze in its craziest form. They give "stag" parties at which every girl must be dressed in mens clothes. The 10-year-old daughter of John Marks, of Cheboygan, was fatally burned by her clothes catching üre while she was at a bonñre. Mamie Cregen, aged 18, of Jackson, mysteriously disappeared while returning to her home at night from a cali upon a friend. Foul play is feared. The Rhodes-Bartholomew Bicycle Co., of Kalamazoo, will remove to Allegan, that city having offered a bonus of 83,000 and a site for a large factory. Seven cars were wrecked on a curve on the D., L. & N. railroad at Urighton killing 100 sheep and spilling several hundred bushels of apples and potatoes. Benton Harbor was invaded by nearly 300 survivors of the Tvelfth and the ïwenty-flfth regiments Michigan infantry. The city was gaily deeorated. Plans are being prepared for a new steel drydock to be built in Port Hurón. Henry N. Botsford, owner of the Wolverine drydock, is the promoter. Mrs. Wm. Walker, of Troy, foünd a gold watch on her cueumber viues. Later a man called and confessed to the watch while stealing vegetables. L. Westenberg and Mrs. Wood were crossing the railroad bridge near Kenton when a train knoeked them off. They feil 40 f eet and she was fatal ly iniured. Col. Wm. B. McCreery, ex-consul to Valparaíso, Chili, and II. Woodward, of Flint, have struck remarkable rich Bnds in the "Big Four" gold mine at Leadville, Colo. The oar factory of Fitzgibbons & Co. , at Saranac, was destroyed by n're. The loss will reach 812,000. The SaraDac Advertiser's plant was damaged to the extent of 8300. Nellie Welch, aged 17, was thinning stove polish with turpentine when it eaught fire. The blaze eommunicated to her clothing and she was burned to ieath at Sag-iuaw. Huida Amelia Sjonberg, a young gfirl, whocame toEscanaba eounty f rom Sweden about sixmonths ago, declares that, in mad distress, she fed her illeïitimate child to hogs. 8. J. S. McQuinn, of West Bay City, rnissed his five-year-old boy and af ter Considerable search the cbjld's body w -js found under a tree in an outlying ward with its neck broken. He bed vid ehtly fallen f rom a tree. A dastardly attempt was made to wreek the residence oíGeorge L. Huil, near Pinckney, with dynamite. The attempt was successful to the extent of doing $T.r) worth of damage. The cornerstone of the new Oddfellovvs' temple was laid at Port Huron, and over 1,000 members of the organization from Detroit, Saginaw and intermedíate points were present. The new dormitory at the state industrial home at Adrián has been named Alger cottage in honor of Oen. Alger, of Detroit, who each Christmas sends $ 100 for presents for the girls. The state board of corrections and charities at a meeting at lonia decided that it was an imperative necessity for county supervisors to require hard labor of the inmates of county jails. Auditor-General Turner is after several counties which are indebted to the state on taxes. Chippewa, Iron, Muskegon and Alpena counties owe a total of $103,000, and there are others. Henry Li. Martin, formerly of Douglas, has been arrestad at Chicago charged with embezzling 84,500 from the Commercial National bank of Chicago, of which he was receiving teller. The Norrie mine timbermen end trimmers, tothe number of 250, struck at Ironwood. for higher wages. After being out less than a week the men aceepted a compromise and returned to work. A horse belonging to Benjamin Showbridge, of Highland Station, strayed i way and when found eight days later, was mired so deep in the mud at Duck Lake. that only its head was visible. President Brennan, of the Port Huron & Lexington electric railroad, says he will complete the line if the citizens will again subscribe the bonuses. He claims to have secured the neeessary backing at last. The business men of Jackson have attempted a novelty in evangelistic work. Twelve of them haveagreed to occupy the pulpit of the Free Will Baptist church, one each Sunday evening, for three months. A sensation was created at Port Huron when the priest of Ut. Joseph's Catholic church refused to allow the pallbearers at the funeral of F. A. Smith to remain in the church because they wore (i. A. R. badges. Oliver Avery was riding on a load of logs when the wagon upset near Adrián and he was buried under the pile, but the logs ƒ■'■! in such a way as to leave just room eui, ■- h for him and he was rescued. One h $e was killed. Theodore Grahain, of Jaspar, had grown gradually poorer as he grew older. At last he reached the age of 81 and saw the county house staring him in the face. Then he took a dose of chloroform and laudanum and sought the grave. The 25th convention of the general council of the Evangelical Lutheran church of North America met at Easton, Pa., and the long standing dift'erences between the council and the general synod were settled amidst great enthusiasm. J. Henry Edmunds, of Cape Mayr, N. J., and Alexander Kalph, of Phi'a lelphia, have perfected plans for pj t sing in electric equipment on the Owosso & Corunna street rail way. Tbe plant will probably be in operation by 90 days, at an outlay of 830, rr Adjt.-Gen. Green hs& iwjaed general orders includiug portions of the report of Capt. Chas. A. Vernou, U. S. A., inspecting ofticer of the lastencampment of state troops. Both olïicers highly commended and praised the work of the state troops ana naval reserves. While rC:ng a bicycla the wife of Aid. CharU.) W. Shriver, of Benton Harbor, was run into by a horse and buggy. The horse trampled on her, and she was severely injured internally. The glasses fhe wore wera jammed into her eye.v Even if shii recovers, she will probi ly be blind. The triennial session f the national eouncil of the Congrega', onal churche3 of the United States optued a six days' session in the Plymouth Congregational church at Syracuse, N. Y. About 300 delegates were present at the cali to order by Rev. Alonzo H. Quint, 1). D., of Boston, Mass., moderator. Jas. il. Fitagerald, Thos. J. Fitzgcrald and D. H. Runnels erected an estensives machine shop in the midst oí a residence portion of Port Huron and the resident began suit for an injunction against them, alleging that the sinokeand noiseconstitutoda nuisance. The court granted the injunction, and tlie defendants carried the case to the supreme court and now that body confirms the injunction. The court holds that smoke and noise comrnon to the business and manufacturing districts in cities would be intolerable in residence districts, and may be excluded by law. Joseph Dreyer was taken to Cleveland, f rom Stark county, O., by a deputy I . S. marshal on a charge of counter l'eiüng. .Dreyer tried to pass a $1 bilí which had been fixed with pasters to represent 810. In his possession was found a K biü raised to 820 in the same way. He also liad pasters for $50 bilis, l'liis is the second arrest for this oftense in this vicinity and it is believed that counterfeiters are systematieally at ivork. There is Baid to be good grounds for the reports that Japan is making preparations to seize Jlawaii. The Japanese in llawaii have maintained a hostile attitude toward the government nul ure saitl to be growing more agrossive. lt is only by the greatest eouservatisin and forbearance that the government of llawaii avoids the issue which Japan is awaiting. The JapanL'se regard llawaii as a valuable strat egic position for the gratifieation of flifir am bition to beeome a naval and commercial power. Admiral Kirkland, in command of the Inited States naval forces in the Mediterranean, wasruundly denounced in the Presbyterian synod at Oshkosh, Wis., by tlie ministers who have lately returned from an exteusive visit in the far east. l'. s. Minister Terrell ilso received a red-hut roast The statements were boldly made that Admiral Kirkland was a disgrace to the luivy. and that .Ministor Terrell dines with the sultan once a month and openly avows his partiality to Mohammadanism and sees no 'reason why missionaries should be sent to the Ottoman empire.


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