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DEAD i The Poorest Man on Earth CAN BE CURED OF The Tobacco Habit BY OVK METHOD. We Ofer Yon a Remedy Tbat Will Free Every Slave to Tobacco Ín Ten Days. READ THE STRONGEST ENDORSEMENT EVER. GIVEN ANY REMEDY. ËÈ &UNITED STATES HEALTH REPORTS OFFI HL KNDORS SM KNÏ. JUNE 19, 1895, PAGE 10. "In the interest of the masses, for whom these reporte are compiled, the United States Health Eeports have examined and investigated miiny preparations having for their object the cure of dhe tobáceo habit, but among thern all we have no hesitancy in giving the editorial and official endorsement of thesej Eeports to the remedy known as "Uncle Sani's Tobacco Clire." manufaetxtred by the Keystone Remedy Company, at 218 La SalJe Street, Chicago. We have demon strated by personal tests that this antidote positively destroys the taste and desire for tobáceo in ten days, leaving the system in a perfectly healthy condition, and the person using the same forever free from the habit. "In the light of our examinations and tests of UNCLE SAfl'STOBACCO CURE," we are but perfoiming a outy we owe the pubc Avhen we endorse the same, and stamp it as the crowningachievement of the nineteenth century, in the way of destroying a habitúas disgusting as it is common, (FOR ONLY $1.00.) C For Salerbvj L. WASHINGTON BLOCK, ANN ABBOB, MICH.


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