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The Owen Electric Belt And Appliance Co.

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Wh it's the matter vi h T.idel a Peas aGUARANTEE THE ''k.. "-;.;;■ Owen Electric Belts m, AND APPLIANCES INSURE to the SICK ÜBHi these great points of advantage over all :. imitators. THE ELECTRIC CURRENT can be immediately telt, alyy. J. BRCDIE. thougli soothing to the most sensitive. The strength of the ourrent I0B7W Polk 8t, Chicago, Oct. S7, 188. is under the complete control of the Tra Oma Eiwsrnio' Belt aso Appuakcb Oo.: , ., , , ., . , Gentlemen- Solely in tho intcrc-t of oihcrs vrearer, so much so that a child may b ) v.ho ar0 or may bccome 9imIarly rected n.;ih treated and cured bythe same power oi myeelf, l ventare t& oCFor my expcrienoo;i Belt necessary for the strongcst man. thcusoof tbo Owen Electric Bolt, r.-.d that It can be changed from positive to negl am actuated entlrely by that a-Alve, must be . . , opparent from Hie fuct that uutil you see nv atíve current in a moment. uaffi0 mi(1 a(Wresa recor(led oll thls icttcr you Tliey llave íind are Ctiring ,.,j 11O knowlcdge of either. 1 had long been a tIíOllsaii3s of" cases of sufferer from chrouic dyspepíla and nervou! jUip;j j y A T I O Rl proatratlon, contractod or aggravated by many "nC JIVIM I lOlVIj yeararesideneoia theEastlndics. Abcut threc fi U D Ni I DÍEASES years ago I purehased oncof your lïclls in the VnnWIMIjWIöl-nvi v? Jlopt that lts U8O miglit afFtrí me some reliuf _ ' _ _ „ _ _ ; aud wore H contiruously as directed íor about lSlERvOUS AILIVIEIM I S j feurhoura every afternoon for a month orso, in man and woinan from any ! an1 the rcsult wa perfect.' marvcious. My . , , .. , i, ! indigestión with all its itter.dant miseries, ner ause) where long c.ontinued medical L0UfmeB8) depregslOTj Mat, and mnnkia, treatment failed tO cure. fromwhich latter I was a great sufferer, have NO MEDICINES ARE NECESSARY. disappearod. I then discontihued the use of the Avoid all cheap (SO-Calleu) iJectriC Belt (the existence of which I had indeed forBelta and frauduient imitations of our gotten), nntil about six weet ago, when a Electric Belts and Appliances, as TPVf of fy ol? trrat1 tv"y írcibly 1 ' remmdcd me of ït. I agam put ït Into wcar are an i mpUüHiou npoa the suffermg. (after ccasing Us use fnr over ene and one-half TUE HUPM E! PPTIilP TRil! y). an1 wlththe sane extraordinary resnlta, HL LLLUIniU snÜOi belng agaln reitorod to health, Btrength end in llic most retentive and curativo vigor, aftcr wearing it for ouly ten days. Cnder Truss made for the radical cufe of these rcumstanoes I can cott emphatlcaUy recommend to othcrssiiuenngirüin t;::: jnimontf Hupture. which I have endeavorod to describe, the adopInclose sis cents and Bend for our' tion of the use oí tb e wen Electric lieït. I &RRF II I IKTRATFil RATAIilfillF Ihadlon8 bcen aware of the curativo powcraoi LAnÜt: ILLUOlnHICU bMiHLUUUL dootrltíty from what I had read on tboeubjoet in English, Germán, Swedish and Norand on Dy return to England I pureliased frote wegian languages; containing medical j Pnlvermacher of Regent streel, London the facts sworn statements of cures mado 'omblnen chain bands, of wblcfa he ir, the ', . , „„ , . ,, patentee, for which I paid three guineas, and and descriptions of Belts and Apphaltll0Ugn , muvt admit thl;t j derived some anees. Address benefit from their use, I un bound to Bfty the general resuit aiu not approaen tne tienent (lerivüd from tbe use of the Oweii Belt besldes whieh Ha ntility is so grent an improvement in comfort and convcnience; Pulvermachers' being eumbcrsome j:nd eompllc&ted in BdjnsUng to the body, beildea causing from being wncovered, blisters and sores, and above all not being alilo to regúlate the current as'ia the case In the Oweu Klectric Relt. You are at perfect liberty to make what use you think íit of tbis letter, and I símil be glad to onswer eitber verbally or by letter any inquiry made froru tío oh this subject. I am, fíentlemeii, Yours resjeetfully. W. .T. BRODIE. 205 TO 211 STATE STREET, CHICAGO.


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