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Michigan Ortd Fellows in Convention. The grand encampment and patriarchs militant I. O. O. P. of Michigan met at Ann Arbor,with a large attendanee. The grand encampmenfs fortyninth animal communication was called to order by Grand Patriarch Josiah Dandy, of Grand Rapids. The reports presented vvere quite exhaustive and showed a prosperous year. The membership is 3,t88 in 115 lodg-es. Ufficers chocen and instalied were: Grand patriarch, Henry Lever, of Newavgo; grand high priest, Frank Shepherd, of Cheboygan; grand senior warden, VVm. Skimin, of Ft. Gratiot; grand scribe, E. }{. Whitney, of Lansing1; grand treasurer, AndrewHarshaw, of Alpena: grand junior warden, Robt. Donovan, of Charlotte; grand marshal, N. A. Metz, of Marquette; grand inner sentinel, Dr. Earl Fairbanks, of Luther; grand outer sentinel. I'. I). Ilarper, of aviles: representatie ■ the sovereign i grand lodge, ,)os,: Dandy, Grand Kapids. The next M-.sionof the grand encampment was allotted to Allegan. E. G. Turner, of Luther, exemplified the secret work of the order. The exhibition drill of the patriarchs militant was participated in by three cantons, viz. , Col. Fenton, No. 27, of Flint; Detroit, Xo. 1; Iïattle Creek, Xo. 19. They were awarded prizes in the order mentioned. Thesword drill was participated in by 19 men, the four prizes being awarded to Capt. C. S. Martin, Lieut. tannard, Lieut. Hall and Chevalier Hodge, all from Flint. The annual parade was an imposing affair, and the prize for the largest cantón in line went to Flint. l.if; Masouic Fair at Detroit. Arrangements for the big Masonie fair whieh is to be held in the new temple in Detroit beginning' November 25, are being rapidly completed and have already assumecl such proportions that the greatest fair ever knovvn in Detroit is assured. Every available inch of room in the seven stories of the immense structure will be utilized. The building committee is pushing forward the work of eompletion, with great speed, and promise a eompleted structure in time for the fair. Contributions are coming in from throughout the state and the display of fancy articles and novolties will exceed anything ever seen in Detroit, Col. Lou Burt, who is at head of the entertainment committee, has arranged for tvvo performances per night in the Scottish Rite auditorium and two performances each Saturday matinee. The Michigan passenger agents ai their coming meeting will adopt a schedule of reduced rates for excur.sions. The different nights en whieh the fair is to be held will be named. their being already selected Germán night for December 4, and Scottish night for December ñ. A novel ty will be introduced in this caming of the nights, as one of them is to be called American night. The music committee has already been volunteered the services of ;he best musicians in the city. The decorations of the interior of the building will be very elabórate. rand Chapter Orrter o," the Eastern Star There was a large attendance of egates at the grand chapter of Michigan, Order of the Eastern Star. at the animal session at Saginaw. There are now H2 chapters in the state with a membership of nearly 11,000; 34 chapters were instituted during the past year. A reception tothe grand ofh'cers and an exmplin'cation of conferring of the degrees by Jiethlehem chapter, of Sagina w, constituted apart of the program. Ofticers were elected and installed as foliows: Worthy grand maron, .Mrs. lAda, Pratt, of Jackson; vorthy grand patrón. C. A. Conover, of }old water; assoeiate grand matron, Irs. Ida Joslin, of Northville; assoeiate grand patrón. W. II. Jiaxter, Detroit; rand seretary, Mrs. A. A. Matteson, f Middleville; grand treasurer, Mrs. S. K. inans, of Lansing; grand conuctress, Mrs. Saté Page, l'etoskey;" ssistant grand conductress, Mrs. Anna arpen ter, of Ypsilanti. Michigan' Crops for 1895. Secretary of State Washington Garder has issued the October erop report or Michig-an vvhich contains -the folowing1: Repons at hand form the basis for tho folowinu statements: Acres of wheat harvested n I8B1, l.:.'t)-'..l(i; : bushels, 18.783.B37: average er acre, 13.3). The acres here given are as ïown by the farm statistios of the state taken y supervisors last spring: the average per ere is taken from records kept by threshers, nd the total yield is obtained by multiplying he number of acres in each county by the veratre per acre and footing the producís. The )tsl yield as estimated ís 4,iiii".778 bnsheis less nd the averase per acre lí.bfí bushels less, than he erop ot 18'JI. Oats are estimated to yield al ushels per acre: barley ir.78. and corn til bu. ears. Compared withaveraue crops potatoes re estimated to yield SS per cent, beans 78 per ent, winter apples 2" per cent. and late peaehes H per cent. (Jats are estimated to yield 7 lshelfl less. corn 1 bushels more and potatoes per cent more. than the crops of 1X1)4. Universalista in Convention. The annual session of the Michigan Universalista was held at (.rand Rapids. The next session will be held in Detroit. The young people's society selected otlicers: President, E. L. Freetdan, of Detroit; vice-president, Rev. G. A. Sablin, of lïenton Harbor; secretary, Win. George C. Schroeder, of Grand Rapids; treasurer, Miss.GertruclL' Whitney. of Grand Rapids. The women'a centenary association elected officers also: President, Dr. V. Louisa Andrus, of ( i rand Rapids; viee-president Miss Belle M. Perry, of Charlotte: secretary, Mrs. Alivia J. Carpenter, of Lanaing; treaaurer, Mrs. . 10. Jïaker,of Detroit. Samuel Crone, agfed 82. aa inmate of tlie Soldier'a Home at Grand Kapids was íatally injured by jumping from the third story windovv of the home while temporarUy insane. Crone had been an inmate of the home lét a few months. Mis family lived at Lexington. At the annual meeting1 of the trustees of the Kpworth league training assembly at Ludington, offlcers were elected: President, llev. J. Floyd, of Grand Kapids; vice-president, J. H. Grant, of Manistee; secretary, Elvin Swarthout, of Grand Kapids; treasurer, J. a Holden, of Reed City.


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