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PINEOLA COUGH BALSAM Is txoollentior all throatinflamrmitions and iMJratÍKtfeííiíMHB tÍ)ltCS tl! CüllSll. [Ji""''k"5ïïitSifSlll2fS3H r('rul('''s''x)'iJtorMftftliMl'iWJ5a&iWr ationeasy.assistTO K vU5jTl Mg íiií; nature in reBnmptlon wIki are oaly snfferlng from a chronic coW 01 deep (■ítL■(l eougta, often agrrarated bycatarrh. I', r catarrh use Ely's üreatn Balm. Both remedies are pleasant to uso. Cream Balm. soc. ,„.,■ bottle; Pineola Balsam,c. at Drugglstg. In quantltles ol C2.50W11] aellveron ncoipt of amount. ELY BKOTHERS, 55 Warren st.. New York. The Standard ! Have j'ou bought a Dictionary? Ii not, Wait! Until you can examine The Standard Dictionary Tri E BEST ON EARTH, Every Student- and Everybody should have this book. ■ ♦ Drop a postal with your address to J. T. MIDGLKY, 18 fraver 8t., City, and he will caü and show it to you. CHEAP EXCÜRSIONS VIA Missouri Pacific Ry, AND Iron Mountain Route, TO THE West, South and South West. La tuis For Sale In ARKANSAS. Texas, and Pecas VallevN. M, Through Pullman Buffet And Tourist Sleepers To Texas and California, Fr om, Chicago, WEITE TO H. D. AKMSTRONG, Trav. Pass. Agt., JACK8ON, MlCH. BISSELL WTLSON, Dist. Pass. Agt., 1 11 Adams St., Chicago, III. T"" ladÏesU Do yon llks a Onp of ► GOOD TEA?L If so, send this w advertisement and 15 T " cents in stanips and we will send you L a H lb. sample of the best X im 4, ported. Any kind you may select. ► i HOW ARE YOUR ► : CHINA CLOSETS?: 4 Are the old dishes ohipped and 4 cracked, and unsuited to setting off a ► 4 spotless table-cloth 't We will ► 4 plenish it FREE. Why drink poor Teas and Coffees, y. and ruin your health, when you j can get the beat at cargo prices? . PREMIUMS for all- Uinner, Tea and Toilet Sets, Bamjuet and Hanging ' A Lamps.Watches, Clocks, Musie Boxea, 4 Cook Books, Watch-Clocks, Chenile ► ■4 Table Covers, Cups and Saueers, ► 4 Plates, Knives and Forks, Tumblers, f Goblets, given to Club Agents. f. i HOOP INCOMES by getting ► ■4 jjjyi. i- - orders for our }■ 4 celebrated Teas, Coffees, Baking 4 der and Spices. Work for all. 3H y j lbs. of Fine Teas by mail or expresa T for$L.00; charges paid. 2 tera in U. S. for Pure Teas, Coffees, 4 Extracts, Baking JPowder and Spices, r 4 Beautiful Panel (aize 14x28 inches) ►" 4 FREE to all Patrons. For full ► 4 particulars, address ► Ik hú American Tsa Co., 4 31 & 33 Vesey Street, ► P. O. Box 289. NEW YORK. ► Grossman & chlenker .__ 5JO-JES AND Bestï?tl?e UJORCD áOVcR OíVE 5T0VES HARDWARE. io West Liberty Street. "GEORGE'S" LIVERY EVERïTHIÏffi PEKFECILT NEW. PROMPT ATTENTION TO ALL ORDERS. L COUPES, HACKS, ■Y' 1 CARRIAGES BRAND NEW ffVflB an at reasonable rates. HorseS boarddd and well cared for. 7rLL OPEN SEPT. lat. Ilemember the place and time of opening-. EORGK'S LIVERY, Phone. 143. Cor. HUI and li. l'niv. Ave. BICYLE REPA1RING NEW SHOP FINE T00LS SKILLED WORKMEN PRICES MODERATE AU Kinds of Machine Work ! El.ECTRICAL ApPARATUS, SüRGioal, Dental and Scientific Instruments MADE - OR = REPAIRED Lawn Mowers Sharpened and Repaired. Dies and Moulds. A. HUNTER, PPi 9 E. LIBERTY ST. LET THE DOGS DO THE BARKING. You won 't have to, if you'll keep package of Sibley and Holmwood's Cough Drops Handy. A 3 ounce package for 5 Cents. You can get them at A. E. MUMMERY'S Drug Store. WASHINGTON BLOCK. TRUCK AND STORAGE PARCEL DELIVERY. C. E. GODFRET. Re$il ■'■' ana Office, 48 Fourth-Ave., North. TELEPHOBIE 82. GASOLINE TRACTIflli ENGINE OPERATED FOR ONE-HALF THE EXPENSE OF STEAM TRACTIOH. Needs no water hauler, no coal, wood or strnw. No steara, smoke, sparks or ashes. No possibility of ílre or explosión. Needs no Ëngineer or Fireman. Started in 3 minutes. Just the tbing for the Farm. Write for catalogue. We aldo buila all sizes of Slationary fe Portable a.Holliie lCiitinea THE VAN DUZEN GAS AND GASOLINE ENGINE CO., CIIMCIIMIMATI. O.


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