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0 Jackets CLGAK Capes - DEPARTMENT F Furs U Grand collection of both ForW1 eign and Domestic makes in pT JACKETS, CLOTH, YELYET jÉfegp AND PLUSH CAPES, $ &llPwÉk A'"' tlu tills1 assortmeni of rLBw In Ann Arbor. Our stock conpüfèïv:; tains all the up-to date styles, and made f rom the latest effects f ' in materials. The array of % I % unique styles in Jackets merits Li S your special attention. He re is seen the nobby 26 and 28 inch t:. ',■ '% Jackets, made in Boucles, PerH sianias and Kersays Cloth, IH Velvet and Plush Capes we show :'%L-Jl a laroe variety in short and tr 'W, ; longlengths. Children's Department. Many pretty styles in long Coats and Jackets made in all the new miterials, selected for their well wearing qualities. FÜRS Our assortment of Fur Capes is most complete. Here only can be found such Furs as we can recommend for their well wearing qualities. Capes 22 and 24 inches long are in demand for fall wear. The longer ones, 30, 33 and 36 inches will be the popular garments for winter. SCHAIRER & MILLEN. LEADERS OF LOW PRICES.


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