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This Man Never Wears Hats

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Clinton Miller, of Bradford, Pa., a florist gardener and quite an intelligent man, says the Buffalo Express, has a strange hobby. He does not and will not wear a hat. Not since a boy has Miller worn any head-covering other than a short, thick-growth of natural hair. In the summer, with the hot sun pouring down upon his uneovered head, Miller may be seen walking around the town or at his work, with the utmost serenity of manner, as if he never minded it a little bit. In the winter it is the same. The mercury may descend clear to the bulb in the thermometer, the winds may blow and the snow may fly, but Miller never minds it and stalks about bare-headed and without an overcoat. The rain doesn't feaze him, either. Nothing bothers this man with the hobby, as far as the elements are concerned. Miller attended the New York state fair last year, and was an object of great Interest. It was very hot during the days on which the fair was held, and the sweltering crowds tried to keep cool with broad-brimmed hats, parasols, umbrella3, etc, and Miller, with his bare head, seemed to be the only person on the grounds who did not suffer from the heat. He gives as his reason for not wearing a hat that nature provided us with a head-covering, and he says that it is foolish for a person to wear a hat or any other artificial ïiead-covering. "You say you don't see how I can stand it? Look at the North American Indian. How does he stand it, or how did he stand it before the entrance of civilization, which resulted in som? of them ailopting hats? See the natives of far-off África and other far-off countries, who do not wear hats. Why, ou can even see the foolishness of ,-earing a big, heavy, cutnbersome hat by looking at women on the streets with bonnets as big , as a silver half-dime. rhey don't need any hat. Another reason I do not wear a hat is that it produces baldness. If the people of the civilized wörld never wore hats there would never be such a thing as a bald head, unless brought on by disease. I vvouldn't wear a hat, and should b jlad to see every other man abandoa its use. It might be hard at first, but ïhey would get used to it soon, and would be pleased with the result.


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