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The regular, old-timed, baok-woods fever and agüe also called chilla and lever, was bad enough in its day, but a far worse discase to bear, someivhat like it, Í8 known as chronic malaria. Tlie regular fever and agüe vvould produce a distinct chili, followed by fever and sweating. Then the victiin would have a rest of one, two or three days to gain strength and regain courage. But not so with chronic malaria. Every day, morning, noon and nightchronic mallaria will tease and plague its victim with miserable, indescribable, creeping rigors; nasty exasperating cold sweats, bitter taste, coated tongue, sallow. dry skin, loss of appetite, confusión of senses, heavy, stupid listlessness, and a myriad of similar symptoms as infernal as they are persistent. Not a day's intermis-ion nor an bour's cessation. Work becomes a wearisome worry, studysickening and senselcss, and play a prosy impossibility. The quinine treatment for chronic malaria is not of the least gossible useIt will cure the majorlty of cases of acute malaria; but not the chronic. In fact, quinine seemsto aggravate rather than relieve. Unless a thorought-ourse of Pe-ru-ua is taken the patiënt will seek in vain for relief. The effeet of Pe-ru-na is'pleasant, possitive and permanent. Send for a freo book on malaria, published by The Pe-ru-na Drug Mannfacturing Company of Columbus, Ohio.


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