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Crew Faint By The Wayside

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I heard a Western man say the other day that in "'nis part of the country" the smallest towns have electric lights and some idea of the fitness of things, while within forty miles of New York mine host will often light one to bed with a candle. It reminded me of something I saw in New Roehelle last week, something that would have been likely to cause a small riot in New York. A surface car, drawn by two wonderfully iean horses, was creeping out toward the Sound. It finally carne to a dead stop. The driver calmly alighted, unhitched one of the sorry nags and allowed him to browse for a few minutes by the wayside. In time a boy brought another horse and we proceeded. The mngry horse was not long for thi3 ife, and there was much comment, sympathetic and angry. A Swedish sailor, bound for some yacht at anchor in the Sound, "sized jp" the occurrence in a sentence: "If that horse he was in New York ie would there be arrested." He meant that the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animáis would have j ed the brute away, and he was right. I But New Rochelle, even along Pelham avenue, is long suffering, and slow to anger.


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