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Refused To Accept The Apology

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The car was crowded, and when a passenger boarded it he was nearly upset by the sudden starting and tread on the toe of a man standing at the rear end. "I beg your pardon," he said, very politely; but the man of the hurt toe scowled and in an undertone muttered curses. The innocent off end er again apologized. "Yes, but that doesn't help my toe any;" and he growled some more in an undertone. Nearby passengers began to smile. "I begged your pardon, didn't I?" said the other man. , "Yes, but my toe hurts just the same," was the reply in an ugly tone. Then the other man's dander rose and in very forcible language he said: 'Now, look here. I accidentally stepped on your foot and I apologize for it. If you say another word about it I 'will Sive you this instead of my foot (showing nis doubled-up flst), and it will land ight in your face." This warning was not taken, for he ontinued to talk about the clumsiness jf some people. Suddenly the passen?ers were electrified by seeeing a fist snoot, and the growler lay in the street s the car passed on. Nobody said any'.hing, but some tnought it wasn't wis o talk too much.


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